Royal Honeymoon location


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10 points for a correct guess: I think a tent near Stornaway on the Isle of Lewis.

RAF pilot in a tent?
Ha ha ha ha

You obviously haven't read the tread on E Goat where they are complianing about the meal allowence in Italy
They have a packed lunch if they're working and the grant of 7 Euros per days has been removed because the hotel now provided lunch on standown days

War is hell and thats a fact
Worse places to spend a honey-moon than in God's country which is, of course, WALES! I know it is North Wales and not South Wales, but even princes and princesses cannot have everything.
It is believed they are staying in Abu Dhabi in the exclusive Emirates Palace as special guests of Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nayenah, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. He was also at the wedding.

The security around the Emirates Palace as been increased.
Abu Dhabi? There feck all to do, i hope for their sake that they are going elsewhere, bound to be some commonwealth country, no? Windies perhaps?I wonder whether he reckons he's married the right Middleton...?


I have put my French place at their disposal - provided they cut the grass and Will cracks on a bit with the new bathroom....

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