Royal Heir Farce (Or Showing Ones Girlfriend Ones Chopper)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Airfix, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. Complete non story from the NOTW
  2. Story? What story..... red top making something out of nothing as per normal.
  3. They may be non-stories but it is a poor lack of judgement from Prince William and the RAF CoC that allowed both this and the stag party trip.
  4. He is turning out to be quite the fool isn't he?
  5. maybe phillip will give him a chauffeur, it sorted his mother out nicely.
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    From the same article:
    Good skills by young Harry - IF it's true.

    Was the "reporter" there ?
    Or - and may I be struck down for daring to imagine this - could it be a headline grabbing fantasy ?
  7. Not a non-story at all IF TRUE. Quite a few people have f**ked up to allow this to happen.

    MoD Press: Why expose the heir apparent and the MoD to claims of favouritism and excess by allowing this to happen? If he was deploying on ops then a last tearful hug with his girlfriend would have been cheeky but actually a good story. But a stag party FFS.

    I take it that this was a base commander's auth - and that the HLS was recce'd and local plod informed. Those are some of the rules and with those rules come costs. So someone quite high up allowed this to happen. William is not CTR on Chinook, so the landing would have also been instructional under a QHI. Into a private and potentially unrecce'd site? Procedures exist for this sort of stuff but there has to be a better reason than court and social.

    Odiham is not a VIP airhead and at a time when worthy people in MoD are screaming for extra resources such as CH47 they are not likely to appreciate one being visibly used as a stag-shuttle bus.

    Bad calls all round. There's a Royal Flight for such purposes and the green stuff goes off and fights wars. For people looking for signs that the future king is going to be able to exercise the same grace, judgement and impeccable style to the job of kingship as his grandmother these are sad stories to read.

    [Tabloid caveat applies - if true :roll: ]
  8. This must surely be the opportunity to start a new thread where the old and bold can fess up to the many off piste aviation events they have taken part in, and how they got away with it. I can recall quite a few, a Lynx wasn't the quietest choice for many jollies but it did have enough room in the back for domestic freight, straw bales, dogs etc. And as for unrecced , unauthorised landings, thats how we learn.
  9. It's a non story, VM.

    Standard training sortie with Will as a pax and dropped off. (Dunno if the sortie was planned with it in mind or if they just dumped him at the most convinient HLS on the flight plan.)

    Done it myself, it's not unsual. I would've thought it was so in the AAC?
  10. Depends how many pizza you want. :D
  11. Good skills i say. What better way to impress your missus. We would all do it if we had half the opportunity.
  12. Come on, now. If your mum owned a whirly, wouldn't you want a shot?
  13. Good drills - it will also impress his future mother-in-law, who I seem to recall is an ex stewardess.
  14. Ha ha ha. One minute you are whining that you haven't got good enough kit or are sick of back to back tours. Next minute you think its a good idea that this stuffed shirt can be indulged to the extent that he can use military resources to get a pog from his vacuous bimbo bint. :x

    If you did this, you'd be tapping the boards. RAF CoC should be ashamed of themselves. I hope their OBEs are worth the hypocracy. :evil: