"Royal Guard sees red"


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Oooooh e's in the sh!t! Well done anyway.
Send him back to the banana republic he came from, little shite


War Hero
Too tame, should have rammed the bayonet up his ricker. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when his stickman tries to keep a straight face while rifting him!


HAHAHAHA awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shame the guards in the shite but good on him.
Well done Guardsman. I expect the scums' defence correspondant (sp, i know) wants this site to spill the beans on what Regiment and what GMan is involved,, i know one, but not the other, either way, good drills. The scum is shootey.
South Americans and Brits in uniform with a gun?

He got off bloody lightly. Now if he had been in Stockwell!

They never learn these foreign types, do they?
The beating of these scrotes should be encouraged!


Cow kicking and bear walking. Little scrote deserved more. Now someone please buy the Guardsman a pint. He'll be in shite for doing it, but he did what any one pulling guard duty dreams of doing.

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