Royal Gibraltar Regiment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Dr_Evil, Sep 14, 2004.

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  1. Listen, personal interest prompts me to wonder about these Gib Regiment fellows: are they a bunch of chocolate soldiers or steely-eyed killers?

    What do they actually do all day?

    And any ideas as to their future (both the regular and the TA parts)?

    Having met a few I know them to be decent chaps but have a slight concern as to their fate ...
  2. They keep old Jonny Spaniard off our rock don't they? :wink:
  3. Well, yeah. And teach people about tunnel fighting. Anything else?

    It's just that the MoD is "studying" the Gib Regt, and we all know what happens when the MoD's eye falls on you. (If you don't, just watch Return of the King - Hoon's baleful gaze will fall upon you liken unto a fiery demonic eye, etc.).
  4. Theres a few Brits in it now,they live in mainland spain in villas 40 miles up the coast,all got nice bikes or cars,Im told the current waiting list for transferring to the RGR is 150,this year there were 5 vacancies!

    Found this on a google search:

    "On the 27 Nov 03 Gibraltar went to the polls. What is little known is that the MOD though HQBF Gib. were going to use that day to release the news that the Royal Gibraltar Regt was going to be cut by 1 TA Company (approx 1/3 of the Regt). They hoped that the news would be lost in the election fever!!
    Luckily this backhanded move was seen early and with the help of the highest public figures and support from many old comrades, the cutback news was delayed. However it is now expected in Feb 04.
    We the volunteers really do not know how after a year & a half of high alerts due to the situation in IRAQ (we are of course a thin red line here) giving up our weekends and sometimes our jobs, this Labour Govt. can propose to cut one of the two TA Infantry companies . We carry out all our tasks as laid down by the CO and HQBF, we give of our time and are needed, we perform and sacrifice. We carried out over and above our commitment ,11 weekends on duty... 5/6 more for visiting military ships (from all NATO allies).
    The Reserve Forces Act does not apply to us, we have a higher readiness state than all other TA or regular battalions (except Spearhead, RM & SAS), we get paid less.....and we shoulder the burden with our employers & families.
    We now enter our 300th anniversary of British Gibraltar and they want to cut us down at the heels. Why?... Please explain... What can we do??? Your support is essential."

    Mind you if Uncle Tony has his way,they will be going the same way as the Hong Kong police did when he hands the rock over to spain,whats next?give the Isle of Wight to france/ actually thats not such a bad idea.....
  5. Eh? What?

    Ben from said IoW