Royal Gibraltar Regiment

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lysander, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. Interested in views on the Royal Gib Regt. Are they worth the price? They are non deployable as a unit - although they send individuals with other infantry units and they do carry out a lot of ceremonial work. Do we need that in this time of shrinking budgets?

  2. The RGR are the Gibraltar garrison though.

    I have a dim recollection that there was an agreement made with the Spanish to not base an overseas garrison there 20 years ago or so. So they're it.
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    You could say the same about the Falkland Islands Defence Force,We had a similar thread a while age &,I think I'm correct here,both are paid for by the regional government & not by the British taxpayer.
  4. I'm surprised that Bliar has not handed Gib back to the Spanish. It must one of the few things he hasn't ruined in his disastrous ten years in office.

    I thought RGR was abbreviation for the Royal Gurkha Rifles and cannot think of the correct abbreviation for the Royal Gibraltar Regiment.
  5. I think 1RG is the abbreviation ( so's not to confuse people)
    there's a bit more on it HERE
  6. The Royal Gib Regt has ties with teh Royal Anglians. I beleive there are slots for Gibs to serve on ops with the Angle Irons.

    The remainder is part time.

    It is a special unit, with a specialised role. Similar to the FIDF in that it is maintained at regional expense but similar to the RIR homservice units i suppose.
  7. He did actually make a serious and well documented effort, however Gib got the measure of him early on and mounted a superb campaign.

    Which they won :D
  8. Worked with the RG's in Morrocco last year, and although they have some very good lads who apply and go on deployments, the majority are just happy to do an annual exercise and not do anything other than ceremonial stuff.
    From what i saw they are generally a full time TA unit, wouldn't really class them in the same bracket as mainland infantry.