Royal Gibraltar Regiment


Right guys, we are not the most popular of regiments. We are both Regs and TA, if you wanna know more about us click on the link.

What makes you say, you are not the most popular regiment? I went to Morocco with you and you were tops.

Dont put yourselves down.
Was over with you blokes on a Ex Marble Tor in 2004, top blokes, loved every minute!
The RG are tops. :D

Feel the love, gibboe!

Nice website.
It's OK. I never believed what people said about Gib Reg, anyway. ;)

Look smart outside the Convent.
We used to get a lot of mummies crying outside Montague Bastion in the early '50s worrying about their lads getting drunk and being lifted. Not sure but I think they were conscripted then?
National Service, back when they were the Gibraltar Defence Force.

They're a lot more grown-up now and do real work on behalf of Her Maj (and, by extension, our Big Friendly Ally). Their current CO got a Bronze Star for services to Uncle Sam in Eye-Raq and one of their company commanders sports a Military Cross garnered for saving a load of Septics in Afghanistan.

They currently have a load of bods as augmentees in both sandy places. A good, hard-working lot.
Some good snipers too... how they hide in the Bufferdiro training are I will never know, its shiiioooot!

Good bunch of lads, had them as scouts for us on an Ex there in 98.


Royal Gib regt - Quality guys :worship:

Was on Marble Tor in June last year with 101 Bn REME

[MOD edit: no starred names please]

has said i have accommodation any time i want to come over - great lad and a great Trg wing


Wow, well maybe we are quite popular hehe. I know all they guys you have all mentioned, good blokes too. Sgt [MOD edit: no starred names please] is funny as foook, hes currently in the training team and Sgt Maj [MOD edit: no starred names please] is currently in Afghanistan training the Afghan police/army. We have quite few guys in Afghanistan at the moment and quite a few have just returned from iraq.

The difference between us and other regiments is that they have to go on tours, we just go voluntarily because we love it.

Thanks for your posts guys.

I did Jebel Sahara in 2004 with your mad med Csgt from fcuckin London! Cockney mentalist (now in ADF) but had a great time with all RG.

Has FAS changed anything with the regiment?

Has the IHF been built?

Have all of the strikes been resolved?

Give me an update please?


FAS has'nt changed anything up to now really (although they are planning on playing about with our Orbat mixing TA with Regs.) I dont really know if the strikes have been resolved, i just know that there havent been any for a while now. What is IHF?(sorry for sounding stupid.)

IHF was the planned new hospital build at DTC.

As I remember IHF stands for 'integrated health facility'


oh ok, i was never good with mneumonics and abreviations.

The hospital is still being built and so far so good but they are taking their time.

The OBUA training area is lookin really good now, we have some Gurkha engineers here at the moment and they have built several new buildings and obstacles etc and the whole of Buffadero is being refurbished.

Things are starting to improve for the MOD in Gibraltar now.

The regiment recently undertook a big Internal Security Ex involving the whole rock/town area/tunnels/harbour etc. It was extremely succesful and a really good experiance. The enemy which was brought over from the UK played a really good part.





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