Royal Gibraltar Regiment??

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by o0matt0o, Jun 1, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone have any info on the Royal Gibraltar regiment? It is proving really difficult to find any at all.
    I'm looking for information on what they're like.
    Is the regiment particularly bullshit orientated or relaxed?
    Is it a good life over there in Gib?
    Would I do the same infantry training over at ITC Catterick and jump on a plane over to Gib?
    Also what are the chances of deployment?
    I'm really considering changing them to my second choice as where I would be posted is a big deal for me and the nicer posting the better considering I'll be stuck there for a large chunk of my life.
    Cheers in advance
  2. Not that difficult: Royal Gibraltar Regiment Gibraltar

    From what I've seen of them, they're at least as professional as any of the UK based units, if not more so.
  3. The do their training at the ITC the same as everyone else, ive only ever seen one on tour and he was the BSN GSM back in 2007.

    When in training I got chatting to an English guy who was joining the Gib Regt. He said he got a lot of shit for being English and that a lot of the blokes spent alot of time talking in their weird Spanish-English so made it hard for him to fit in with the rest of his Plt.

    This isnt intended to put you off, but its something to consider especially if you dont have a connection to the Regiment/ Gibratla.
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  4. As RN meeting them in the Tri Service SR Mess (WO/SNCO) there, if you ain't a local or RSM/CSM don't bother. Ignorant twats wouldn't even speak English in the mess unless forced to.
  5. Bit like being with a Gurkha Unit then!
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  6. Ah cheers for the insight lads. I guess it's not the right fit for me after all.
    I'm bouncing around regiment choices is all, one day I'm fixed on the Rifles and the next the Grenadiers. I'd definitely want to be a guardsman if I wasn't so short! I have to make my mind up soon as selection is coming up.
    Cheers again!
  7. Height is no restriction on joining the Grenadier Guards. We've got some right short arses. All it will mean is you can't go to The Queens Company
  8. I know there's no restriction but I'm taking the piss short, around 5'7". Would that not affect me being in the Grens? Because if not it is something I've wanted to do for a long while
  9. Not in the slightest there's a guy in my plt who (I think) is shorter than that.
  10. As Zarathustra has said, not a problem. I served with the Grens on a Herrick tour for a while and found them to be a very professional unit.
  11. Alright cheers for that guys, I'll get on to my Sjt and change my choice to Gren.
    Hardest thing will be breaking it to my mate who's going coldstream

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  12. yeah he's half welsh
  13. Gibraltar Regiment are about 250 regular troops strong - they train at ITC and Sandhurst and have about 10 pax deployed with the Queen's Div Regiments on HERRICK at any one time. They also, uniquely for the infantry, have an EOD Det, and train with the RE for that role. Their main role is FP in Gibraltar and ceremonial, they also exercise annually in Morocco and provide Short Term Training Teams to North Africa (mostly Gambia of late). Most of the Regiment are not Gibraltarian, over 50% are expat Brits living on the Costa and transferees from the wider British Army. They also have a TA company and a TA Band.
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  14. Agreed. Learn Spanish if you want to rate with them on their own level. Not sure if their bandies ever get tired of playing St Michael's Cave but it's an experience to savour at a dinner.