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Hi all,

Ive been looking into going back into the forces. There are a few trades in the Army ive been considering but one of my other options is joing the Gibraltar Regiment. Ive already been in contact with them and been told im eligible to apply. My question isn really about the role as im aware of the infantry role and the role of the RGR.
My question is mainly for those brits who are currently or have previously served with the RGR. I was wondering what its like. Do the Brit soldiers fit in well with the Gib soldiers. Is the social life there anygood, nightlife etc. Is there much chance of brits forming relationships with local girls?
Obviously if i were to relocate to such a different and far away location then these things are just as important as the job itself. Id be really grateful to hear from anyone who can give their experiences with this.
Thanks lads.

Oh and does anyone know whats happened to the RGR website....Its gone? Been on it before, tried googling it recently....poooof...Vanished?
Hi , I'm interested in joining that regiment too and from my understanding of research the gibraltarians class themselves as british not spanish so relations wise I dnt see what problem you would have. Could you please tell me the requirments that they ask as I was thinking of flying out there and signing up but am skeptical as I cant find no information online and also how did you contact them, many thanks
Hi Jamie, The requirements are max age 28. British citizen. I think the general requirements are inline with the british infantry regiments.
They did have a website up but it seems to have been taken offline. You can email for info. I did and the Sgt who responded was very helpful. I visited Gib for 5 days a few months back. The locals seemed nice but being a british colony i was expecting better english. They dont seem to speak english or spanish there. Just a mangled mixture of both. Very strange but very amusing to hear from an english speakers POV.
I wouldnt just fly out there. Id email them first and see if you can arrange a visit to the camp or something.
Best of luck.
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