Royal Gibraltar Regiment mount guard

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fairy_nuff, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. After a gap of 11 years Royal Gibraltar Regiment are mounting the Guard at Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Tower of London. Photo was today, next scheduled dates 20th,24th and 28th April if you want to see them. Also, on 21st April at 1pm at Tower of London (Gun Wharf) they are firing the Queen's Birthday Salute.

    May 20th Mounties on Horse Guards (Sunday change at 10am, 11am other days)

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  2. Bout time they done some work instead of sunning themselves down at the arse end of spain :roll: How was their left form by the way?
  3. Well its far from the worst i've ever seen.But they could do with a bit of ol' Mick swagger. That's a weird setup the band has. Pipes mixed in with the regi band. I've never seen that before. But like I say, far from the worst.
  4. I was expecting Baldrick to run out with his triangle. They did play Killaloe when marching down the Mall, but no Ois
  5. Do they have Steyrs? Oh wait, I don't give a toss.
  6. With the that a dwarf woman or a chid solider?
  7. Could be a Barbary Ape for all I know
  8. What a bunch of war dodging *****!

    Actually, I had a Gib Regt lad on my class 1. He was a good egg.

    I actually still owe him a tenner!
  9. It's a Doris.
  10. Are you sure?

    It looks very much like some malnourished street urchin they took on as a mascot.
  11. Could be a gezzer with very long hair all done up in a bun, but my money is on female.
  12. I thought they were not allowed off the rock?
  13. Not their fault that they come from a place whose government didn't have a burning desire to help Tony Blair get a better legacy than Margaret Thatcher, and was thus disinclined to start wars all over the place.

    I may be wrong (not unknown), but haven't quite a few volunteered for Herrick Tours as individuals?
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