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I have recently been given lots of info and pics of a family member who was in the RGA.I have personal records,course certs,pay book,battery photos from India. Can anyone help throw any more light on the RGA and advise where to look to get further info,it gets confusing I have the same name and initial and different numbers but I 'm led to believe this the same person.Records are pre and WW1 era.

Many thanks
RGA was massive ! so if you have lots of info it would be fairly easy to narrow the details down, if you have details differing then that was the tend to find they had a number during the war then de mobbed then carried on with the teratorials...and not always geting there old numbers back, what area did you know where he served? :cyclopsani:
Thanks for the quick reply so far I i have reference to Shoeburyness 1901(marriage),Gibralter 1891,India 1894,Rangoon 1897 these are embarkcation dates ,other references are 3 Coy Eastern Dv,discharge in 1909. Then it jumps to a different Army number in the Labour Corps on a discharge document dated 1916.
Until the late 30's (I think) you had a Regimental Mumber, not an Army Number.

Therefore you shouldn't be surprised to see that the same person has different numbers for different regiments.

have a look at this arrsepedia wiki page for more links on Gunner ancestors.

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