Royal Gaff Knobs or Rockers?

HRH Prince of Wales will be a fine and respected monarch

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I do sometimes wonder why I find the Royal Family so important! After all, it is only by the continued acceptance and recognition of their title by the general public that they are still acknowledged as such.

HRH PoW and the Ginger one (Pity the Regt) really did themselves no favours at all today imho.
Choles does not have the qualities to be head of state.
If he cared about the future of UK he would 'abdicate' or whatever.
William is in with a chance, they royal system should get behind him and back him (No Pun).
Yesterdays 'performance' must have made Blurs day.
The queen commands respect even from the likes of Blur, Choles is a pathetic mess, Uncle Dicky would be pround of him and probably backed him.


jonwilly said:
The queen commands respect even from the likes of Blur,
I've heard that even Oasis respect her! :lol:


War Hero
It doesn't matter whether Charles is approved of or not. The personality of the monarch is irrelevant to the institution. Its function is to enable us to avoid having a politician as head of state.

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