Royal Flying Corps

Can anyone supply a picture, in a drawing format as opposed to a photo, of the Royal Flying Corps Cap Badge?

Or provide me with a lnk to one.



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I have a book which is called Army Avation in Ulster it has pictures from the first flight in Northern Ireland. On the back of the book it has the badges from the different avation regiments it has the one your looking for! I'll get back with a picture.


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Cheers fella, that's probably the best photo one i've seen and will probably help. what would be better though is a drawing version (preferably in colour).

Reason why is my mates and i go to the Army v Navy game every year. Every year we have rugby jersey's made with a blackadder theme, this year it's the 20 minuters.

I need a picture of the capbadge (or the RFC wings) to give to the shirt people to embroider the emblem and i can't draw for toffee.

I've had a look on google images and wikapedia but with no joy so i was hoping that learned arrsers might help.


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No problem, the book i was mentioning might be worth a good look at the back with the regiments it has a better picture of that which has it in gold and is drawn.


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On a serious note, any help with this difficult subject will be appreciated.
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