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I read a story about a year back about a function that PtG attended. At that Function was a Labour MP who asked PtG 'What did you ever do that worthwhile?' PtG responded 'I commanded Destroyers During WW2 and was decorated for Bravery' the Labour Mp turned his back having been put down in no uncertian terms and walked away as he did so PtG stuck his Fingers up V style and was heard to mutter 'that told HIM!'

What a bloke.
the Labour Mp turned his back
I think I might have risked a few years in Winson Green and sabbed the short sighted twerp while he wasn't looking.

Just think he may well have been one of the shits currently writing the "FAS white paper"
Could have delayed the destruction of the British Army for a few more months :oops:
Considering he's Greek the old boy exemplifies everything it is to be British - say what you mean, say it when you want and who cares about upsetting the tree-huggers!
HRH may have been born in Greece and been a Prince of Greece through the convoluted Euro Royal's lines of succesion but his lineage is Danish and German. He's no more Greek than Robert Mugabe is sane. He is however a fine example of the WWII generation of servicemen who served at the pointy end.

There was a time when all sailors spoke their minds and called a hand tool for excavating earth a hand tool for excavating earth. The PC lobby would have us all neutered. The most senior Admiral of The Fleet is our champion.

Long live the Duke. :D
Seadog, here, here!!

Phil the Greek is a top bloke and an example to all who get caught up in the current trend of PC bollox.

If you want a reasoned and realworld opinion, ask Phil. A coon is a coon.

If you're a twat, he will tell you. Love him.
ging-gwar said:
I read a story about a year back about a function that PtG attended. At that Function was a Labour MP who asked PtG 'What did you ever do that worthwhile?'
How about

1939-45 War, Mediterranean Fleet (Home Waters) and with British Pacific Fleet in SE Asia and Pacific (despatches, Greek War Cross); 1939-45, Atlantic, Africa, Burma (with Pacific rosette), and Italy Stars; War Medal 1939-45 (with oak leaf) and French Croix de Guerre (with Palm)

a personal ADC to HM King George VI 1948; Field Marshal; Capt-Gen RM; Col-in-Chief: Queen's Royal Irish Hussars, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regt (Berks and Wilts), Queen's Own Highlanders (Seaforth and Camerons), REME, Intelligence Corps, Army Cadet Force, Royal Canadian Regt, Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa, Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada, Royal Canadian Army Cadets; Col Grenadier Gds; Hon Col: Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt Univs OTC, Trinidad and Tobago Regt; Navy: Adm of the Fleet; Sea Cadet Corps, Royal Canadian Sea Cadets; Marshal of the RAF; Air Cdre-in-Chief: ATC, Royal Canadian Air Cadets; Hon Air Cdre RAF Kinloss; Cmdt-in-Ch and Extra Master Merchant Navy; memb Cncl Duchy of Cornwall 1952-, Ranger of Windsor Great Park 1952-, Lord High Steward of Plymouth 1960-; chllr of univs: Wales 1948-, Edinburgh 1952-, Salford 1967-71, Cambridge 1977-; master bench Inner Temple 1954-, elder bro Trinity House 1952 (master 1969-; hon bro Hull 1953-); pres: Central Cncl of Physical Recreation 1951-, City & Guilds of London Inst 1951-, Amateur Athletic Bd 1952-, ESU of Cwlth 1952-, Royal Merchant Navy Sch 1952-, RSA 1952-, Royal Household Cricket Club 1953-, Cwlth Games Fedn 1955-, Gds Polo Club 1955-, British Sportsman's Club 1958-, RAS of Cwlth 1958-, WWF British Nat Appeal 1961-; third pres Inst Wildlife Fund 1981-; Royal pres Soc of Friends of St George's and Descendants of KGs 1948-; patron and trustee Duke of Edinburgh's Award, chm Duke of Edinburgh's Ctee for Queen's Awards to Industry 1965-; patron UK branch Soc d'Entr'aide of Legion of Honour; Adm and Cdre Royal Yacht Sqdn 1961-68; Adm of Yacht Clubs: House of Lords, Royal Motor, Royal Southern, Bar, Dart, Royal Gibraltar, RNSA, Royal Yacht Club of Victoria (Australia) and of Great Navy State of Nebraska USA; King George VI Coronation Medal 1937, Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal 1953; Grand Master and First or Princ Knight of Order of British Empire 1953; FRS 1951

Whereas a Labour MP's only claim to fame is sending troops to war armed with a pencil, two rubber bands and a tin of lard :D
PtG also, according to my Dad anyway, could down a pint of bitter in about 3-4 seconds, as was alledged on a tour of a RAF camp in the 70's and was rushing from the officers mess, after a bit of refreshments and did'nt want to waste it.
Friend of my father's was a shipmate of PtG during the war. According to him, Phil was one of the brightest of his generation and would have gone to the very top had he stayed in the Navy.

At a reception on a RN Destroyer in an Indian harbour a couple of years ago PtG was invited to sign the ship's visitor's book.

On the occasion of the visit of HRH to HMS *** in the port of Mumbai.

"Mumbai! Bloody Mumbai!" muttered the Duke as he wrote Bombay across the page in large black letters.

Top bloke indeed.
Top bloke. When he pops his clogs we should have him embalmed, mounted in a glass coffin and put in a mausoleum on Horse Guards Parade, with the outside inscibed with a suitably offensive quote :twisted:
Got a friend back in the UK . Old R.A.F pilot from the 60ies. He had to fly PtG with H.M around the then African colonies. Loads of stories about Embassy functions in Ombota (Yawn Yawn Yawn, "Oh! how nice a gift of a 37 foor war canoe , just what one wanted"). However after the return back to the residence and Her Maj retired , then the parties started.

Mess rugby or equivelent in full cerimonial - across the swimming pool???.

Must have been a Navy thing. By all counts PtG was and still is a topbloke.
What I liked about him most recently was that he had the decency to look very uncomfortable sitting next to HM the Queen during the Queens speech at the opening of parliament.

All those dreadful policies etc etc. :?: :?: :?:

Unless of course some asylum seeker had hidden under the cushion! And he just could not get comfy :D

Top bloke in my humble opinion :)
Judging by this I can only assume it was PtG who dubbed a certain Cav officer (who happened to be his Son-In-Law) Fog -Because he was thick and wet

Looking saucy Ma'am
That is a bloody weird coincidence. I had rather a "moist" dream over precisely that image last night.

Still haven't dhobied yet, as I feel it would somehow be disloyal.


Strange, but it doesn't look to dissimilar to that infamous Rod Hull impersonator, Camilla Parker Bowles.

This would make Charlie a mudderfcuker
Camilla seen yesterday, frightening the spiders at Balmoral

Then later in the evening trying to get her fist up Parkies arrse

The pics on that site are well funny MDN. Quite liked the face painted pic of Her Majesty, wondered why you didnt post that one, although she was dressed in an umbro shirt, would have been more apt in an 02 England Rugby shirt after yesterdays highly enjoyable pounding of the Welsh :D

This one?

And we all miss the queen mum and her pissy scent


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