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that would rely on dubya knowing history!

or anything other than the "lysdexics book of true reel words"
Yes Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburg can put his foot in it
Did he not fight for this country during WW2?
Can we not therefore cut him and his generation some slack?
I for one can
My Father died 14 months ago and served in the Army during WW2 so if your post was meant as a joke then fine but if it was an attack on someone who helped give you the opportunity of making this post in the first place then suck my stump

Have a nice day
Seems an excellent bloke to me. He only really offends the politically correct tree hugging branch of this world.
Couldn't agree more mushroom! Too many "touchy feely" types in the country now.... speak your mind and tell it as it is.......Phil the Greek leads by example!!
I like him he never fails to entertain..

Remember him asking a Glasweigan Driving instructor how he kept the natives sober long enough to pass thier tests.

He also said at a Deawoo or Hyundai factory that box of wires, 'looked like it had been thrown together by indians'

Top bloke!
Questions to be asked:
Will he mention the USA's late entry to WWII?... or Vietnam?..... or "friendly fire?.... or even the farce of thier last elections? Which will be first? Or do you all have any other suggestions for the first size 10 going in? I'm going to be checking the news
Phil the Greek's phunniest one has to be when touring a guide-dogs establishment he said "I now hear that there are Eating-dogs of anorexics!" It certainly made me laugh!
Sory! I meant "eating-dogs for anorexics!"
I hope he quotes Full Metal Jacket

"Texas? Only steers and queers..."

Sorry wolves, only showing appreciation for my Colonel in Chief's forthright opinions.
Phil the Greek is an insensitive, tactless man and one of the most non-PC figures you could ever come across.

In other words hes an absolute credit to the nation. I think the bugger is fantastic
I think the plate smasher is a national treasure - the buckingham palace chunder book must be full of little gems from him.

Just to be fair - when he made the Indians comment, he probably meant to say cowboys - he was half way there, bless him.

I lost my grandfather last year who was of Phil's generation, and was identical to him in the way he spoke first and thought later - as non PC as you can get, and didnt give a fcuk either, a great generation.
Absolute diamond bloke. This world needs more like him !!

Boney, He did in fact qualify his ramark about some thing looking as if it had been thrown together by Indians - He said something along the lines of "Doesn't look like a cowboy job - more like Indians"

He said that a load of deaf school kids who were fundraising next to a steel drum band that there was no wonder they were deaf standing next to that racket!

And at the same time as the 'slitty eyes' comment he said "If it has four legs and isn't a chair, has wings and isn't an aeroplane, or swims and is not a submarine the Chinese will eat it "

More power to his elbow


Not all the stories about him make it into the papers.

A friend of mine works at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. When the place first opened, the Queen and Phil turned up for a concert. After the gig, it was my mates job to present all the members of the orchestra to the royal couple. They worked their way along the line until they got to the principal violinist. He was stood there with a violin in his hand, but, because he was a black guy, with dreads, the first thing Phil said to him was,

"So, do you play the steel drums then?"


War Hero
2001, one of my friends went to buchingham palace to get a D of E award, stood in the crowd as Philip walked round. Prince Philip walked over towards him and started talking to the man standing next to him. The conversation went along the lines of:

Philip "did you think there was enough variety of sports available for the award?"
Bloke "yes, I did"
Philip " So what did you do? football? Rugby? Granny bashing?"



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Book Reviewer
I don't think that PtG's 'gaffes' are as unintentinal as made out but also I don't believe he means to hurt anyone. If you were p***ed off following your old lady 3 paces behind, perhaps you would do something to brighten up the day. Perhaps he should be invited to join the NAAFI forum to liven that up :p :twisted:

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