Royal Family - all threads here please

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Capt Cheeky, Nov 7, 2003.

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  1. I take it you're a civvie then or everything stated in your attestation was clearly disregarded and thrown out of the window.

    Ya Bloody heathen.

    God Save the Queen.
  2. LB

    Well said Sir!

    I take my immaculate Lock's racing felt off to you.
  3. Yes, fetch me my republican bashing stick at once LB :twisted:
  4. Heathen? well when i took my attestation, I AFFIRMED !

    Where in my post have i slagged off the Queen, who I greatly admire, and will fight to defend.

    In my attestation it states quite clearly heirs and successors[/i].

    Now this may be Charles, and it may not as we cant foretell the future. I rather doubt it but if he does then Ill carry out my duties just the same.

    There is nothing in my attestation that stops me from having opinion that he is unfit to be a successor, or that we should as a nation change the succession/monarch. Which we have done on numerous occassions, WHO WE CAN THEN GIVE UNQUESTIONING LOYALTY TO,

    by the way, why shouldnt a republican be able to serve his country anyway? Im not, but am fast being persuaded.

    And it ill behoves you to call me a civvy just because I think Charles is a nonce.
  5. Good God, don't tell Flasheart that Charlie might be homosexual, he'll be putting him on his list of 'people to visit'! :roll:

    Flashy, I loves yer really! :p
  6. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    First post deleted. Step too far. Reasons:

    Nature of users on the site, oaths etc mean that royal abusing is generally going to be extremely sensitive.

    British press not reporting accusations like this which are very controversial.

    I don't want ARRSE used as an underground royal slagging forum.

    Out of interest I'm not particularly pro-Royal family, but still think that this sort of thing has no place here.
  7. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

  9. a step too far in this Naafi forum? nature of users?eh? so its ok to slag off poofs on ARSSE(which im not disagreeeing with) but only as long as they aint royal/politicians/some other senior bod ???

    i read the rules on joining, it says dont go in if you are offended.

    perhaps some are more equal than others?

    i could understand it if it was for legal reasons. But since i know my ground and nothing ive posted on is actually libellous or slanderous(you cant libel the dead..and ive not accused anyone living of anything in concrete terms...merely asked questions).
  10. You ever been on this site before stix?
    and it's the CO's site so they play to their rules as we all have to end of! :D
  11. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Clearly a deep division has developed between the COs - told you it was controversial. I'll change my name to Loyal CO I think and wait for my MBE.
  12. i have been reading posts for some time. I registered today.

    fair enough moderators have to take a point of view.nothing wrong with that. but you get the impression that this NAAFI forum is an anything goes discussion, no topics off limits, just like you would discuss in the bar, but not necessarily in the mess, over dinner...

    perhaps the mods will explain to new users then, that really the Naafi does have some topics not to be discussed, and advertise that.

    anyone searching to find the truth will not get very far reading british press(i couldnt quite believe that was given as a reason for pulling my post)

    so try the german media instead, you might need this if you arent fluent in Deutsch.
  13. Yep, agree stix but lets not make any 5hite stick to this site.
  14. This isnt the officers mess, and we arent drinking pims.....or is it pimms??......this is the naffi !!!so drink up and tell the truth. The rules say , ' easily offended........' etc etc.....well we arent. So say it the way it is. we all work and fight for the Queen.....(attention.....salute). But we hold no loyalty to Charles, especially now hes a donkey raping shit eater.
    p.s. God save the queen.
    please take this in the manner its meant. :)
  15. God! I've got to stop posting when I get back from the pub. All will be revealed tomorrow, say the MoS people.