Royal Family - 61p each

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Crazy_Legs, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. From Beeb website:

    And long may they continue. Anyone who begrudges paying 61p for this fine institution should be shot at dawn.
  2. Not sure about it being a such a "fine institution" in its present incarnation but 61p is a tiny amount to pay to avoid having President Bliar as head of state.
  3. The BBC looking to knock the family again...scum

    63p? a year? good value! how much of my taxes are wasted on dossers ehh?
  4. How much does a Liarbour Govn cost us per head? A bit more than 61p I'll bet.
  5. And yet again the journos write an anti-monarchy piece about how much the royal family costs without mentioning the receipts from the crown estates that go straight to the treasury and IIRC approach 200M... :roll:

    And 61p? Whasseproblem? 1 year's worth of new lesbian real nappy outreach co-ordinator non-jobs added up to an annual salary bill of about 830M. If you include employer contributions, that approaches 1Bn - 17.20 per person :shock:
  6. I am setting up[ a private coy called Idle Royalty. I am going to approach Gordon Brun and offer to do the job for 50p per head. A nice tidy saving for the Govt and a cushy life of loafing for me. Winner.
  7. Wouldn't you get bored? Hunting, shooting, fishing, meeting foreign dignitaries................. :wink:

    I'll do it for 40p per head :lol:
  8. 61p? That wouldn't buy O/Cdt. Wales a fifth of an alcopop and not even the peak of a Burberry baseball cap!
  9. Can I have the Phil the Greek role of insulting foreigners? I ask only 10p / head. :D
  10. Don't undercut me you cow. It is my idea and any lower than 50p would mean I would have to sell of an estate or two to keep me in wife-beater.
  11. Just sell the kids
  12. Anyone thought how much it costs us to keep the free loaders in thethe houses of parliment.

    Last time i checked, their average expenses (thats not including their wage, benefits or any other perks) was on average well over the 100K mark.As there are about 600 of them (give or take a few), that works out as £60m and that works out about £1 per head of population.

    Slightly more expensive than the royals and no where near as productive and thats not even considering their wages, bonuses, pensions and any other cushie numbers. :evil:
  13. Looking at my wages and then adding on a good lump for all the perks of being in green, I must cost everyone about 0.1p per year. That is value for money.
  14. £170M to the government from the Crown estate minus £30Mish form the Government to the crown gives us a £140M surplus in favour of the Government.

    Looks like value for money to me, HM donates roughly £2.30 per head of population in to the Governments coffers for Tony and Gordon to spend on the sick, lame and just bone idle.

    Cheers Ma'am only wish it was spent on a more worthy cause

  15. A "value for money monarchy"??? Who thought of that one?