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Ok boys, more advise required please. It states in all the information sent out with the DVDs ect that if you join a specialist unit that as well as the required days there's always the opportunity to do "more days". What i would like to know is that if i was in one of these units as a drops driver, what could i expect to do on extra days and are these extra days filled when i can make it or are there set days to attend? also would i be given the opportunity to learn somthing else?

I am in a Specialist (or nationally recruited) unit and I know of very few people who only do the minimum 19 days. We generally have some sort of training on within the Regt most weekends. At Sqn level, there is a weekend most months. Can't speak for others but we try to ensure that all MATTs are taken care of on two weekends leaving camp for in-role training. We try to do different things on the 'extra' weekends; sigs trg, field exercises, etc.

In short, you can do the minimum but this will give you very little opportunity to develop and potentially harm any promotion ambitions.
I think you have maybe missed the point of the specialist units.

In the RE they are STRE(V) Specialist Team Royal Engineer (Volunteer) they are made up of professionally qualified engineers (Mainly Civil and electrical but also more specialised such as petroleum) and other professionals in the construction industry (Quantity surveyors, Project managers etc).

They provide a design and supervision capability for what are generally civil engineering type tasks (albeit carried out by blokes from the field army wearing green or, more often, sandy clobber) which are outside the remit of the combat engineering tasks that field army RE personnel are qualified to construct.

The reference to the minimum number of days is that they are recruited nationally and train in Chilwell, Nottingham. Due to the travel distance involved they have a lower minimum number of days required per yer but, as with all TA units, if you are available there will always be training opportunities above and beyond the minimum. (Not withstanding the current rumours of caps on training days which are discussed elsewhere on this board).

As such I am not aware of any of the specialist units having DROPS or a requirement for DROPS drivers.

These are used in the regional units

71 - Scotland,
72 - Soon to be North East England,
73 - Midlands,
75 - Noth west England,
101(EOD) - London and surrounds,
Royal Mons RE (militia) - Wales and SW England

I stand by to be corrected by those in the STRE (or whatever they are called this week :wink: )

A further point on Driver trade -

You don't join the RE to become a DROPS driver, DROPS is just one of many vehicles with which you will have to become familiar if you are going to go driver stream in the RE TA.

the steps to jump through are:

B Vehicle licence aquisition
B Vehicle fam
B+E vehicle aquisition
B+E Fam
C Vehicle aquisition
C vehicle fam
C+E aquisition
C+E Fam

If you already have the civilian licences then you just need to do the fam trg.

then you will receive trg on the various vehicles as required and when the courses are availabe.
Thanks for the advise Humphrey, i should point out that it was a trade as a driver i was looking at, not just a drops driver (my mistake).

I'm with RE Specialist Units. We're now part of 170 (Infra Sp.) Eng Gp RE and are based at Chilwell, along with our regular colleagues.
Under FAS, the unit is set to expand, almost to double out current size, and as far as I know there should be vacancies for drivers, amongst others.
As far as the 19 days a year go, there is opportunity to do more, infact much more if thats your bag. I've done my 19 days already for this year, and I've still got a course and annual camp to come. Along with Tech training and shooting team weekends, I'll probably do more days this year than I've done since I joined the TA.
If your serious about joining, either phone the TA Admin cell or the PSAO at Chilwell and have a chat.

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