Royal Engineers Roll of Honour

Another name to remember:

Chris (Warren) Beattie, shot in Forkhill on April 6th 1982, I was a witness, and at the trial, the person responsible was only sentenced to 6 years, worse part was when he turned in the court room and smiled..

From the original lists, I served with Chris Jones in Chepstow and Mac Macilvenny in Nienburg (both killed in the Falklands)

Its a pity they dont publish the lists of guys who couldnt handle the nightmares and took their own lives... maybe if the country took better care of their own, good people would still be with us.

A pat on the back to all ex and serving military, without who the country would never have existed...

I remember Spr Christopher John Beattie - God bless him and may he rest in peace

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