Royal Engineers Roll of Honour

I've spent a bit of time researching those who died on operations whilst serving in the Corps. I've obviously had to put a cut-off point somewhere so I chose 1968. For one thing it's famous for being the only year of the 20th century when no British soldiers were killed on active service (officially at least). It also marks the time when the withdrawal from empire was more or less complete, the future being a long campaign in Ulster and the Cold War. I would hazard a guess that the careers of most ARRSE users fit into the '1968 to 2009 or Somewhere In-Between' timeframe. Some of the info is pretty thin on the ground, especially with regard to the First Gulf War so please help out if you can. Me being me, I'm sure I've ballsed-up spellings and dates etc so please post any corrections. I've also only included deaths on ops. Perhaps we can add a section for non-operational fatalities if anyone has any info?

Northern Ireland (1969 to 2007)

Sapper Derek Amos, 29 December 1970, RTA
Sapper J Connachan 27 June 1971
Sapper Ronald Hurst, 17 May 1972, gunshot, Crossmaglenn, County Armagh
Staff Sergeant Malcolm Banks, 28 June 1972, gunshot, Short Strand, Belfast
Sapper Edward Stuart, 2 October 1972, gunshot, Four Square Laundry, Belfast
Warrant Officer Class Two Ian Donald, 24 May 1973, bomb, Cullaville, County Armagh
Major Richard Jarman, 20 July 1973, bomb, Crossdall, County Armagh
Sapper M Orton, 17 September 1973
Staff Sergeant J W Lund 19 January 1974
Sapper John Walton, 2 July 1974, bomb, Carrickgallogly, County Armagh
Lance Corporal Ian Nicholl, 15 May 1974, RTA
WO1 J W Newton, 24 June, 1975
Sergeant Robert McCarter, 17 July 1975, bomb, Ford's Cross, County Armagh
Sergeant David Evans, 21 July 1976, bomb, Ebrington Barracks, Londonderry
Sapper Howard Edwards, 11 December 1976, gunshot, Bogside, Londonderry
Sapper D A Thompson, 13 January 1977
Sapper M J A Larkin, 9 February 1977
Corporal J A Hayes, 28 July 1977
Sapper S L Worth, 1 August 1977
Sapper James Vance, 14 November 1977, RTA
Corporal J Andrew, 4 September 1978
Sapper Fraser Jones, 3 February 1980, RTA
Colonel Mark Coe, 16 February 1980, gunshot, Bielefeld, Germany
Sergeant K J Robson, 18 February 1980, aircraft accident
Corporal Thomas Palmer, 8 February 1983, RTA
Lance Corporal David Hurst, 6 October 1986, RTA
Lance Corporal Michael Robbins, 1 August 1988, bomb, Inglis Barracks, Mill Hill
Lance Corporal Paul Cassidy, 15 March 1988, RTA
Staff Sergeant David Hull, 22 August 1989, RTA
Lance Corporal C M Monteith, 5 August 1991, RTA
Corporal I M Ionnou, 15 April 1995, RTA
Staff Sergeant S J Thompson, 30 June 1995, 'natural causes'
Staff Sergeant James Hardy, RTA
Sapper Robert Moore, RTA
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Sapper Mark Quinsey, 7 March 2009, gunshot, Massareene Barracks, Antrim
Sapper Patrick Azimkar, 7 March 2009, gunshot, Massareene Barracks, Antrim

Oman / Dhofar (1969 to 1976)

Major Paul Wright, 7 February 1973, 'died on duty', Oman
Lance Corporal Kenneth Small, 19 September 1975, 'died on duty', Dhofar

Falklands War (1982)

WO2 Lawrence Gallagher SAS, BEM, 21 May 1982, helicopter crash, South Atlantic
Staff Sergeant James Prescott CGM, 22 May 1982, EOD operation, HMS Antelope
Sapper Pradeep Ghandi, 27 May 1982, air attack, Ajax Bay
Corporal Michael Melia, 28 May 1982, gunshot, Goose Green
Corporal Andrew McIlvenny, 8 June 1982, air attack, RFA Sir Galahad
Sapper Wayne Tarbard, 8 June 1982, air attack, RFA Sir Galahad
Corporal Scott Wilson, 11 June 1982, 'killed in action' , Mount Longdon
Sapper Christopher Jones, 12 June 1982, mortar fire, Two Sisters
Lance Corporal John Pashley, 13 June 1982, 'killed in action' , Mount Tumbledown

Gulf War (1990 to 1991)

Major James Kinghan
Sapper R A Royle
Lieutenant Colonel A J Wright
Cpl Steven Lane SAS, MM, 27 January 1991
Trooper David Denbury, SAS, QGM, MM, 21 February 1991

Balkans - Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia (1992 to 2007)

Corporal Barney Warburton, 19 March 1994, EOD operation, Stari Vitez, Bosnia
Sapper Barrie Nicholas, 16 August 1994, EOD operation, Gornji Vakuf, Bosnia
Lance Corporal Christopher McLeish, 18 March 1996, burns, Bosnia
Sapper Stephen Stewart, 8 December 1998, accident, Mrkonjic Grad, Bosnia
Lieutenant Gareth Evans, 21 June 1999, mine explosion, Negrovce, Kosovo
Sergeant Balaram Rai, 21 June 1999, mine explosion, Negrovce, Kosovo
Corporal Peter Bradley, 11 September 1999, EOD operation, Bugojno, Bosnia
Sapper Ian Collins, 27 August 2001, stone-throwing, Skopje, Macedonia

Iraq (2003 to 2009)

Staff Sergeant Simon Cullingworth, 23 March 2003, killed by crowd, Ai Zubayr
Sapper Luke Allsopp, 23 March 2003, killed by crowd, Ai Zubayr
Sapper Robert Thompson, 31 January 2004, accident, Basra
Corporal Lee Churcher, 11 December 2008, suicide, Basra

Afghanistan (2001 to Present)

Corporal Ivano Violino, 17 September 2007, IED, near Gereshk
Lance Corporal Jake Alderton, 9 November 2007, vehicle accident, Sangin
Sapper Jordan Rossi, 23 May 2009, explosion, near Sangin
Captain Ben Babington-Browne, 6 July 2009, helicopter crash, FOB Mescall
Corporal Loren Marlton-Thomas, 15 November 2009, IED, near Gereshk
Sapper David Watson, 31 December 2009, IED, near Sangin
WO2 David Markland, 8 February 2010, IED, Nad-e-Ali area
Sapper Guy Mellors, 15 February 2010, IED, near PB Ezaray
Sergeant Paul Fox, 26 February 2010, IED, Nad-e-Ali area
Lance Corporal Barry Buxton, 3 May 2010, vehicle accident, Nad-e-Ali area
Sapper Daryn Roy, 3 May 2010, IED, Nad-e-Ali area
Corporal Jamie Kirkpatrick, 27 June 2010, small-arms fire, Nahr-e-Saraj
Sapper Mark Antony Smith, 26 July 2010, shell fire, Sangin
Sapper Darren Foster, 13 August 2010, small arms fire, Sangin
Sapper Ishwor Gurung, 13 August 2010, small arms fire, FOB Shahzad
Sergeant Andrew James Jones, 18 September 2010, 'killed in action', Lashkar Gar
Corporal David Barnsdale, 19 October 2010, IED, Gereshk area
Sapper William Blanchard, 30 October 2010, small arms fire, Nahr-e Saraj
Sapper Elijah Bond, 8 December 2011, IED, Deh Adham Khan

Sometimes - between shopping trips to Tesco, taking the kids to the park and going down the pub - we will remember them.
Op Descant 2000 51 Airmobile.

we lost Gez & Nav on that tour.

top blokes.

went through trg with gez & nav was a good lad that lived for rugby.

i visited the National Memorial Arboretum recently & their names are there.

Jim Kingham was OC 516 STRE (BP) and he and his driver (Spr Royle?) were killed on the road from Saudi to N Kuwait in an RTA during Gulf 1. 516 at Chilwell have much more detail.
As I read this thread and I slowly looked through the names listed it was very sad to realise that out of the 40, I had known three of the fallen personaly during my service. 64 - 88
Ian Donald,was a top guy when i knew him as our troop Recce Sgt 7 Fd Sqn a professional through and through, who lead from the front in anything he did
Sapper Ghandi i recruited into the Corps whilst serving in ACIO Wembley in the 70s he joined 59 Commando RE after training a realy committed guy who stood out even at the recruiting office stage. I remember him coming back to the ACIO after pass out proud as punch.
Lt Col Coe was CO 28 Amph Engr Regt Hameln gunned down in front of his family , by the IRA during that time when they sought easier pickings in Germany .My wife worked as a civilian in the Regt, and he was a very well liked guy with time for everyone.
Thankyou for sharing your experiance with the rest of us i hope to visit the Memorial on a trip back to the UK in the future Rest in Peace Guys
The fact Barrie managed to get himself out to Boz in the first place is an amazing story in itself. There are a couple of us former 33 EOD who are now Ex Pats out here in Bosnia as we are both married to Sarajevan ladies, I did the round robin last Remembrance Sunday, sadly just me there at Barrie, Barney and Brad's Memorial Sites as almost all British Forces have left the Bosnian Theatre now.

I Will be visiting the 3 sites next month taking one of the lads (who was out here with 33 when Barrie was killed at Gornji Vakuf) and his Wife who are coming over to visit Bosnia for the first time since 94, I also need to do a final measure up of the Stones and to see if it is feasible to get replacement Stone Plaques that were sadly taken back to the U.K. a couple of years ago, the sites were left in a right mess but that's another story that has been discussed on here.

ken Wharton here (author of 'A long Long War; Voices of the British Army in Northern Ireland, 1969-98') I am currently working on my second NI book - further squaddies' voices - and I am including a section on 'Mainland and European Attacks' I am just writing about the murder of Colonel Mark Coe and I wondered if you or any one else might like to write a few words about the incident or add your own personal tributes.

Please contact me via ARRSE and I will give you my personal e-mail address.

Best wishes


Civvie mates share a few experiences
Squaddie mates share a lifetime of experiences no civvie could ever dream of
greyfox said:
Jim Kingham was OC 516 STRE (BP) and he and his driver (Spr Royle?) were killed on the road from Saudi to N Kuwait in an RTA during Gulf 1. 516 at Chilwell have much more detail.

'Joe' Royle was with 2 Troop 1st Field (7 Sqn guys) and died in a tragic accident involving an SMG.

RIP 'Joe'
RE Roll of Honour

The following RE lads are on the roll of the fallen for my second book:

SAPPER RONALD HURST 17/05/72: IRA sniper whilst working on base in Crossmaglen
S/SGT MALCOLM BANKS 28/06/72: Shot by IRA Short Strand area of Belfast
SAPPER EDWARD STUART 2/10/72: Shot whilst working undercover Dunmurry, Belfast
WO2 IAN DONALD 24/05/73: IRA bomb Cullaville, Co Armagh
MAJOR RICHARD JARMAN 20/07/73: IRA booby trap Middletown, Co Armagh
SAPPER JOHN WALTON 2/07/74: IRA booby trap Newtownhamilton
SGT DAVID EVANS 21/07/74: IRA booby trap Army base, Waterside, Londonderry
SERGEANT ROBERT MCCARTER 17/07/75; IRA bomb, Forkhill
SAPPER HOWARD EDWARDS 11/12/76: IRA sniper, Bogside area of Londonderry
COLONEL MARK COE 16/02/80: Murdered by IRA gunmen at Army home in Bielefeld
SGT KJ ROBSON 18/02/80: Aircraft accident
L/CPL MICHAEL ROBBINS 1/08/88: Killed by IRA bomb at Mill Hill Army camp, London
S/SGT SJ THOMPSON 30/06/95: Natural causes

The following lads died and I would like to know more about them for the RoH in the second book; Can anyone help please ?
Spr J Connachan 27-6-1971.
Spr MRE Orton.17-9-73.
Ssgt JW Lund 19-1-74
Wo1 JW Newton 24-6-75
Spr DA Thompson 13-1-77
Spr MJA Larkin 9-2-77
Cpl JA Hayes 28-7-77
Spr SL Worth 1-8-77
Cpl J Andrew 4-9-78.
Looking down the list,I knew Edward 'Ted' Stuart(I was recently contacted by the NI Victims Commissioner about him),Lofty G and Geordie Small,Ian Donald and Paul Wright.In Paul's case,my lot were behind him as he withdrew from a huge contact in Dhofar.He was killled with his signaller about 100 metres in front of me,by a mortar round,which burst on hard ground,just behind him.Paul was one of the the reasons I was in Dhofar,in the first place.All missed and a credit to The Corps.
I note there are no WW2 names mentioned here, so I pressume this is for Post War casualties?
That begs he question, is there a roll of honour of WW2 Sappers anywhere?
swordman said:
I note there are no WW2 names mentioned here, so I pressume this is for Post War casualties?
That begs he question, is there a roll of honour of WW2 Sappers anywhere?
Use the link below in search field just put in Royal Engineers blank for surname put A so on through to z individually and it will list all RE'S from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission web site


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