Royal Engineers Reserve

I appreciate all the responses! I'm probably just going to visit a few units and just jump in at the deep end and join one. I just have an image of doing lots of travelling abroad and round the UK. Not sure how much of that will come into fruition though.
go for it.

I smashed out a full career(+) in the regs and then joined the reserves. I don't regard it as a continuation of my career, civvie or former military.

I think it's brilliant. Good lads*, good times, good satisfaction**.

*other genders included.
**like 170, my unit does a fair bit of real time tasking.
Which Regiment is this...
Most capbadges do skiing, spaces are thrown out to reserves too. Many regiments and battalions will organise there own too.

Cheapness is a combination of military accommodation and/or exercise funding.

we got several lads away to Europe for a free week of canoeing, hiking, rock climbing etc. When I say free, it's actually minus figures as they were paid to be there.

Although it probably cost the same as in civvie street once drinks were included.
Which Regiment is this...
The Queen’s Own Yeomanry. We’re light cavalry, with squadrons in Newcastle, York, Chester and Wigan. We do seem to generate a fair number of good AT opportunities each year, as well as for mobilisations.


Thanks for the advice everyone! It's hard knowing what will be good, but I guess thats jsut part of the whole experience!

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