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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by GMan187, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. I've decided I want a job in the Royal Engineers, the question I have is are you able to choose which regiment you want to join up with?

    I see 28 Regiment has the 42 Squadron which works with the combat side of the Army also, which is what I want.

    Would I be able to choose this and be apart of 42 Squadron?

    Thanks guys.
  2. You get a "Posting Preference", where you can show where you'd like to go, however the trained chimp at Glasgow is no very good at reading!

    Feckin awesome at darts though!
  3. Lol so out of the 3 you can choose, they will pick the two you didn't want, and decide out of them ha.

    Would I need to choose a certain trade to be able to go for 28 Regiment? What trade would be the best, I don't mind which trade I do in the army you see.
  4. two choices.......germany or uk..... a certain staffy at gib will pick for you if you take too longto decide.. Likes to crack shit jokes and in general be a pr*ck
  5. At the end of the day the Army will put you where THEY NEED YOU posting preference or not.

    It's all down to your trade and quals.

    Your input is not really taken into account, sounds harsh but that's the way it has been since Knocker was a centurion.
  6. Interesting, where is 28 Regiment based, so I know what to put down to get into that regiment.
  7. Farkin 'ell I'm not gonna spoon feed you type it in to google FFS.
  8. 28 are no different to any other Engineer Regiment except they have the amph rigs. Even if you get 28 as your 1st posting (their in Germany so good place for a red arse to start out) you'll only be there for 5 years then you get posted to another unit.

    I'm guessing you saw this
    on 28's page on the website?

    Support to 3 Cdo Bde is now supplied by the RE Cdo Regt that was formed up last year. If you want a green lid request to go to 24 Engr Regt or if you want to jump out of planes ask for 23
  9. 28 Engr Regt is in Hameln, it is the only Regt in the area. The river Wesser runs through it and it is home to the Pied Piper. The NAAFI is really crap.
  10. But the town is good, the little I remember
  11. This commando course for the Royal Engineers... does anyone know what it involes? It just says 9 week course on the website.

    Also, if I was to to basic, then combat engineer, then trade... instead of going to a unit or regiment, I could choose to do the commando course straight after the trade training?
  12. Don't know what your asking there mate. The way it works is;

    Phase 1 training - at Bassingbourne or Winchester

    Phase 2 training - B3 (qualifies you as a Combat Engineer) at Gibralter Barracks (Gib) in Camberley

    Followed by your trade training - Stay at Gib for CIS (signals)

    Tankie - Bovington, Driver - Leconsfield, All other trades - Chatham.

    At start of Gib you say your prference of UK North, Uk South or Germany them get a posting order telling you where your going towards the end of your training. You can also request to do the All Arms Commando Course then serve with 24 or the Para course and go to 23 Engr Regt
  13. Commando course is a piece of p1ss and the instructors there especially the PTI's like to think they are AGC(SPS) thats why they wear a green HAT!

    Honestly you'll love it.
  14. Cool, will request that no doubt.

    Just this last question really...

    I know the Army will post me where needed, and I respect that and obviously do that, but which trade will see most of the action, I don't expect for example a sparky to see much action compared to others...

    When I say action I mean patrols, ops, stuff like that.

    Or is it no matter what trade you go for, it doesn't matter you'll still get the same amount of combat as all the other trades??