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I am about to go into my final year of university and am thinking about the RE (or maybe INT).

My question, and I did have a look for an answer before posting, is:

If I did not get into one of my 2 choices (RE and INT) during the regimental selection process, what would happen to me?

Would I be forced to join a regiment/corps I did not apply for or would I be asked to leave?
I have similar concerns and it would be great if someone in the know could give some advice!

My understanding is that at your time in RMAS you will be under the watchful eye of personnel from your chosen arm who are posted there. They will feed back to the Regimental Secretary (or equivalent) who you will be in contact with as. Their aim is to send only people to Regimental Selection Board who have a chance of getting through, therefore they will likely advise you if you are wasting your time.

If you are unfortunately left with a no from both your choices, you go into “clearing” where they try to match vacancies with OCdts. I understand that usually the vacancies are in the larger corps (RLC, RA, AGC) but I don’t know much more than that, and would be grateful for a better picture, particularly on the arms where vacancies are likely to appear!
If you can,get a nod from The Sappers early on,prior to Sandhurst.If they like you,they may 'sponsor' you at Sandhurst,subject to conditions.If you meet the conditions,then you're in.
And I would add that THE Corps is your best choice. If you join the green slime you will have to spend several years disguised as a potted plant in a mosque somewhere and you wont like that.
int corps will let you know long before the RSB if you qualify to get in.
Broadly speaking, if no one accepts you at the RSBs, then the regiment or corps which sponsored you to Sandhurst in the first place have to take you. In reality there will always be someone who has a space and will take you (ETS or AMS normally in my day). However, you can leave the army from Sandhurst immediately at any time up to when you commission. So if you are being forced into a regiment or corps you don't feel you could do three years in, you can just leave the army from Sandhurst. I used to know someone who did just that.
If you are interested in the Sappers - and you should be - give the officer recruiting team a call on 01634822211, an email on officer(at sign) or join their facebook page at Sapper Officer | Facebook.

You should try and see as many Regiments and Corps as possible before attending RMAS. Time is short for you to make your decision while your there. Most Corps run a familiarisation visit or officer insight course in order to allow you to get to know them better and indeed so that they can gleam information on you. In the case of the RE your contact time with the Corps prior to Sandhurst is recorded and has the ability to influence the RSBs - if you have been a particularly good (or bad) egg!

The RE visits run every month and they can be booked through the numbers above, they are a brilliant 3 days involving power boats, high risk search training, plastic explosives and a good overall insight.
On RSBs "wager" has it about right. Give the number above a call and I'll happily answer any of your questions on recruitment into the RE or RSB queries generally.
What do they call the day at Sandhurst where all the Cadet Officers get a day to have a ganders at all the various units they can be sponsored by?

I was lucky enough to go as a full screw with the 2 i/c from 33 Engr Regt to set up and man the RE EOD stand many moons ago, the pair of us thought we'd landed ourselves in the mire as we were half pissed stood by our collection of goodies including a Barrett .50 which was even more attractive than anything the 9 Para or 59 Cdo Sqn stands had on display :)

We just had a laugh and told the cadets a few eye watering tales throughout the day, the 2 i/c warned me when we were packing up that the pair of us will probably be in the sh*t when we get back to Grimbish, it turned out the RE's room was the most popular by far that day and many of the Cadets had mentioned the EOD stand as making their decision LMFAO I have the letter of thanks to this day from Sandhurst ... had the CO known the pair of us had been on the lash all night and ended up keeping a Curry house open several hours after it should have shut, I don't think he'd have been quite as thankful!

If you ever get the chance to represent your Unit for that day I would suggest you grab it, it's a really good day, or at least it used to be! did anyone else on ARRSE manage to bag that day out during your own time in the Mob?
This used to be called something like 'the arms and services day'. It's really more of an education for the OCdts. Most, if not all, should already have a pretty good idea what their choices are going to be. It is an excellent way of meeting some soldiers (who don't necessarily present the Sandhurst party line) and acting as a final check to ensure that people really are happy with where they are hoping to go.

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