Royal Engineers POM & Specialist roles.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Sapper11, Jan 7, 2012.

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  1. Hello people, I start basic training at ATR Winchester on the 25th March 2012, I've chose POM as my trade in the Royal Engineers. Just wondering if any of you have any tips for me and could you tell me more in depth of what I will be doing? Since I started my app I have always been interested in joining 24 Commando Engineer Regiment aswell so I plan on doing the aacc once in, out of interest will I still be able to get stuck in and build bridges as a POM? what about patrols or being out of my plant? as I have heard POMs are fat and are always in their plant. Also been interested in Search Specialist (REST) and I plan on doing that aswell, Thanks Ryan.
  2. Why choose POM if you don't want to drive a digger? Almost any other trade would give you a much better chance of doing some combat engineering.
  3. Understand what your saying but I didnt say I dont want to drive diggers im asking will I ever be out of them
  4. Do a fam visit to 24 before you commit
  5. If I were you, I'd be concentrating on getting through your basic and class 3 Combat Engineers course mate!
    Once you've survived that, then get past your first taste of an Engr Regt, start worrying about the other stuff! ;0)
    Good luck with it, and I'm sure the staff at ATR are really looking forward to meeting you already! (ie... I'm sure they've already read this!)

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  6. If you want to be doing combat engineering you need to do a trade such as brikie chipie sparkie. Then at ur unit you will be in feild troop thats who do most of the hands on engineering tasks.
  7. Don't start counting chickens mate, you haven't even got any eggs yet...
  8. Thanks for the advice lads POM is a support sqn aye? so if I am after the combat engineering tasks ill have to change trade and get in a field sqn?
  9. Fd Sqns have Spt Tp so you could still go to a Fd Sqn but be a POM. However a lot of our lads have done or are currently doing search on Op Herrick. Also with WFM (Whole Fleet Management) if the kits not booked you won't be doing any plant opping and you will be used as a Spr. Also don't forget you normally do 6 months regt duties regardless of trade so you'll have 6 months in the guard room to look forward to as well!
  10. I'm sure things have changed a lot since I did my A2 POM course back in '85, but once I did my course I didn't do any oggieing. In fact after training I didn't do any anyway, being posted to a Spt Tp in a Field Sqn in Hameln.
    The only times were when taking part in section competions etc. When trained as a POM that was the full time job, especially when posted to Construction Sqn in Waterbeach.

    Like I say though, times will have changed.
    REST used to be the Royal Engineers Sales Team.
  11. Eat pies & do feck all work usually works for them. ;-)
  12. Owww, you can be so hurtful sometimes.
  13. Harsh BUT Fair. ;-)
  14. 'Tis true, you know us too well.
  15. Wheres these pork pies your on about