Royal Engineers or REME

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jon752, Sep 8, 2007.

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  1. Hi this is my first post so go easy on me =)

    Over the past few months i have had a big intrest in the Army. I applied a few weeks back. I have done my BARB test and the 1.5 mile run and i have had my first interview. I did my 1.5 mile in 10.46 ( I didnt get alot of practice in but i can run it in 9.30 know). In my interview i had to pick 3 roles. I decided to take "Bricklayer and Concretor" Which is RE, Armourer which is REME. My last choice was Vehicle Mechanic. This is also REME. They are listed in the order i chosed them in. The reason why i picked these roles is because they come with a trade. There all junior entrys.

    My GCSE results were

    English: D
    Maths: D
    Science: C
    Media: C
    Business: C
    History: D

    I didnt do very well as you can see. But still i was told about these jobs by the recruiter.

    Still which do you think would be more Rewarding. I have read the job briefs for all of the roles. Still i have read in the Brick layer role that they also do combat. What does this mean? Also what do you think would be the best choice for a trade?

    Edit my Barb score was 62
  2. REME is a service, RE is a arms. I think RE will have more combat stuff involved, you also have to be trained in combat engineering which I don't think you do in REME.
  3. Small calibre high velocity round, stop talking complete bollocks.

    Jon, pay no attention to 5.56mm as he is an army cadet, a civilian, a schoolboy etc etc...................................
  4. why not take the best of both worlds join the reme as an armourer or a vehicle mechanic and get posted to an engineer regiment
  5. Read my signature, and why is it bollocks? Why don't you help Jon instead of just laying into me?
  6. Ok i have Decided to go with the RE. Does anyone know what i should expect in the 2nd interview? What are the bets things to remeber? Because at the moment im trying to remeber everything .

  7. Remeber your name

    No on a serious note, have all your job briefs ready to be reeled off with confidence and when the officer asks you questions give them an in depth answer. I made this mistake because i wasn't familair with the way the questions were being asked like "How's life at home" and giving him a plain and simple answer, which he wasn't looking for.

    Good luck anyway jon
  8. Fucking hell. At present a chimpanzee would get into the army we're that short of numbers. Don't worry about it!
  9. Even Fallshirmjager got in, and he has a cleft pallet, a stammer and legs that Douglas Bader would struggle fastening on.

    If you are joining the RE, show the interviewing officer that you can drag your knuckles across the floor and tell him you stand up and salute every time Lt Chard appears on Zulu
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  11. Go REME mate, Come and join the top 10% of the British Army, if your that fussed about the engineers then when you have completed training you can get attached to the RE.
  12. Firstly Fallshirmjager I hope your not on about my hairy back again mate with regards the chimps can get in :D
    All three are good trades in the Army but you will of probably of been told there are limited jobs in RE Brickie and REME armourer, but seeing VM is a pinch point trade there are a lot more available. I am a VM which is a good job and have been at Engineer Units previously so know a fair deal about both capbadges. For all three job briefs you need to have a good idea of where your going for each phase, what you will do at each phase and what the job entails. For example. (not got job brief in front of me but something like)

    On public forumns so no OPSEC problems.

    RE Brickie
    I will be going to ATR (L) for 14 weeks training doing footdrill, weapon drill, First Aid, Map reading, NBC, Physical fitness, assault courses etc, etc after passing CMSR I will go to Minley for 10 weeks Combat engineering course to learn about laying bridges, minefields, demolitions etc ,etc.

    I will then go to C?? to do my bricklaying course of approx 20 weeks.
    I will then get posted to an Engineer Regiment and work at trade in a field Sqn or as a combat engineer. (something along those lines)

    Same with Armourer and VM.
    I will be going to ATR (P) for 14 weeks before (all CMSR for adults the same but can be different ATR except for Infantry, guards, PARAs)
    Once Ive completed CMSR I will go to Bordon in Hampshire and do my 20+ week courses for armourer its maintaining, repairing and servicing pistols, rifles and other small arms including rardon cannons. For VM as a B mech you will be repairing, maintaining small wheeled vehicles, motorbikes to big fuel tankers, lorries. As a A mech you will be fixing vehicles from the B mech list aswell as small Armoured vehicles, Warriors and Challenger 2 tanks.

    Be confident in your interview its much the same as your recruiters interview with the Senior Recruiter checking things you said about yourself and confirming there are no problem areas. The more you talk about your jobs the less you will be asked so advise you going on the REME and RE forumns and try and get a bit of advice.
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  14. haha thx man. 3 days to my interview. Should be good because i have memorised most of the important stuff like

    1, Drug Policy
    2, Job Roles
    and errr lol what eles is there?
  15. Don't suppose the recruiter mentioned that you'll probably only lay bricks during your trade training and then spend the rest of your time laying bridges and mines! Not much call in civvy street for bricklayers who can only lay 3 bricks an hour. Try fitter or plant operator more chance of actually doing your trade