Royal Engineers or RAMC?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by breadhead, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. As the title suggests I'm seriously considering a stint in the army, but am torn between these two fine and respected corps.

    Luckily, I'm in the position of not having to be so worried about my quals when I leave as I have a degree, so those who argue CMT won't leave me as well off as if I had a trade in the RE, rest assured - I have considered this.

    My three job preferences would be Combat Medical Technician in the RAMC, and C3S or Materials Technician (although sparky & DD hold a certain appeal). However, my problem is I can't decide in which order!

    How does day-to-day life compare, as well on tours? Which has the most potential for opportunity and a good lifestyle? Which am I more likely to enjoy doing? I'm after a good hands-on role, but that requires some aptitude in the brain department, preferably in combat situations. All this, and, essentially, having a job where I can hold my head high at the end of the day and be proud.

    Any advice, especially from those in the know, would be appreciated.


  2. RAMC
  3. Sack all of it and become a planty. You will be put in charge of shaping gods green earth for him. This highly respected position has some advantages.

    1. You will be sent straight to heaven after your stint as gods landscape gardener.
    2. You will have your own palace complete with 365 virgins.
    3. The beer will flow from golden taps.
    4. You will want for nothing.

    Please keep this a garded secret only the asended know of it.
  4. Avoid C3S like the plague, not a skill move I would advise anyone to undertake, if they are that undersubscribed with such a low entrance level that should tell you something. CMT, well not a first choice either. CMT in the RE is getting warmer. Your first 2 are both low down on the entrance tests and if you are doing a degree, you wouldnt be stretched.
    Or you could as he says be a planty, just with no kit in the unit to operate, a docile peergroup, a fear of large spaces without the comfort of a heated cab, windows and a pie and some suspicious dirt under your fingernails where you cant quite place the smell.... :wink:
  5. And don't fall for the old "Join as a driver and you'll be able to transfer once your in". Load of old clobblers.
  6. docile peergroup!! I think not most plantys knock spots of most in sqns

    Knockers look after what a screwdriver
    Plantys look after $100,000 worth of plant as a sapper.

    Yea plantys are real docile
  7. You'll get plenty of hands-on in the RAMC, problem is it'll be hands on somebody else's liver and spleen.

    Join as a sparky. Cbt trade so you'll spend plenty of time building sh1t and blowing it up.

    The RAMC has plenty of birds to hang out of the back of though. You could be their "shoulder to cry on" after they've spent all day stitching together the remains of some insurgents blown up ballbag.
  8. I think "Soldier" covers your bold quite adequately. I hope you're not suggesting this wouldn't apply to the R.E.
  9. Thanks all for taking the time to reply so far.

    It's difficult to make an educated decision - all the official information (i.e. website, brochures etc.) is so focused on the gloss and the "you MAY have a chance to" lines, that sites like this are important in understanding the realities of each role. Not to mention the general vagueness of all the R.E. trade descriptions on the official website.

    For example, C3S is a dud? I had an image of rolling round in mud calling in air-strikes; obviously a far cry from reality then? Or is that just me being hopelessly naive...

    I understand there are already a few threads about electricians and their role - what could I expect to be doing day in day out, and on tour?

    Also, I wouldn't have a problem putting my hands on someone's spleen (or, for that matter, hanging out the back of a nurse). I understand sappers often find themselves in frontline combat situations though - how often do medics? What are the chances of being accepted into a close support regiment?

    Sorry for all the questions, but there's a reason recruits come to you guys for advice.

    Thanks again.
  10. What is a C3s??? :? why is it such a dud.

    ok, since found out but why such a dud?
  11. If you're confident of your qualifications for when you come out why not go Inf. ? All the fighting, digging and bandaging you could hope for!