Royal Engineers or Infantry?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by tommygun999, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys,

    This is my first post and thanks in advance for the advice.

    I am currently awaiting for my ADSC and right now I'm trying to figure out my job choices. Initially my first choice was Army Air Corps ground crew, but after some thought I'm now looking at other jobs. I'm currently torn between Royal Engineers C3S or an Infantry role in the Irish Guards.

    It has always been my dream to become an Officer but due to my test results back in my school days (even thought I spent 5 years in University) I'm unable to go for standard Officer entry. So the only route left open to me in Late Entry.

    From your experience, what is the best role for me to do in order to become an LE Officer in the years to come?
  2. To be an LE Officer, you would have to reach the rank of SSgt for the earliest recommend. Most units/Regt potential LE commission from WO2 onwards!

    You are looking at about a minimum of 15 years!
  3. Do you realise the size of the can of worms that you have just opened is?
  4. That is an impossible question to answer. You do realise you would commission as an LE in circa 20 years?

    What's wrong with your education? Do you have a degree?
    If it has always been your dream why didn't you work harder?
    Why don't you go back to college/ uni, get a grip of yourself and get the grades required?
  5. Oh right I see. And in terms of getting promoted to SSgt or WO2, does it make any difference if I was to be in the Infantry or the RE? In other words are there better chances of getting promoted in different wings of the Army?

    I'm not just looking for promotion by the way, I'm just thinking a long way down the road and trying to make the right decision.
  6. *unrolls RE banner* If you have the aptitude for RE then I personally would say that is the "cake and eat it" option as a large part of your operations time is likely to be spent in an infantry role whereas as infantry all of your time is infantry - obviously.

    If you want something more varied RE, if you are happy to get on with it and thats about it, infantry might be better for you.

    There is also something to be said for the greater career prospects post forces following time in RE if that is something that floats your boat and in regards to rank progression, many of the RE specific roles lend themselves to NCO ranks; for example (and i'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong) clerk of works tends to illicit the rank of Sergeant in many cases - or so the official trades bunf says.

    Good luck to you.
  7. How much of your time is spent in an infantry role? I don't mean patrolling (walking) between locations or stagging on. How much of your time is spent actively seeking out and closing with the enemy?

    I don't disagree with the recommendation btw just think that statement above is bollocks
  8. It would, without doubt, be a mercy killing.
  9. For the RE, unless you have a degree where you can apply as a WO2, you currently need to be a WO1 to apply for a commission as a LE Officer. Can you see 20+ years into the future as it does not come easy.

    Also, for Cormank, Clk of Wks requires that you are a LCpl/Cpl before selection and if you have failed a degree course, dont expect to pass any of the Clk of Wks courses. THe rank on completion of the course is SSgt. Additionally, C3S will never be eligible to be Clk of Wks.
  10. Come on, how hard is it to mount a fighting patrol?

    I was top in fieldcraft in my JLRRE intake. I have a shield to prove it.
  11. Where you also chosen to place the helmet on the thunderflash for the 'look how dangerous things that go bang are' demo?
  12. Actually no, I was selected to have the ketchup filled johnny on my head to demonstrate just how dangerous blank rounds can be. Top man, top job!
  13. Perhaps I was getting a little over zealous in my support and perhaps it is bollocks so if there is anything to take from what I wrote I think that it would be to say that there is a large cross-over of skills and routine tasks (in an operational sense at least) as long as RE is the role that is sought.
  14. Awwww, what a cop out. I was giving you back up here. Cheers pal.
  15. I know..thanks. You have to be nice to these people though.

    If I wasn't being nice I would say that putting Infantry as your second choice to RE is like putting Wolverhampton on your UCAS for just in case you don't get into York(When there is a realistic chance of getting in).

    I won't ever put any committed soldier down but I will say that I know far too many that picked that because they wanted and "easy life" and wanted to slack. I would add that nearly all of those going in with that attitude left the service at their earliest opportunity as it turned out in every case that it wasn't all that easy after all.

    I suppose it comes down to what the individual wants out of life.