Royal Engineers officers beret help needed

I am sorting out a present for an uncle who is ex RE, he was an officer and also commando trained (according to him :D ). I have a dark blue beret and badge but dont know how to sew the damn thing on I have seen a few pics but cant work out the correct distance I have to sew the badge from the band. Also I wanted to get a green beret with a cap badge but have been told you need the badge with the green backing, cant for the life of me find one, Drop zone supplies say they have them but when I come to buy the drop down menu comes up with either maroon or bue. Do officers really sew there own cap badges on there must be somewhere where you can buy them sewn on already.

Any help on this matter would be appreciated , he is a kind old soul with some good stories

P.S hope this is the right area to post this in
if you want a green one ....


also check out flea bay