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Royal Engineers Officer - Specialisms,


I have, in fact the reserve unit I'm getting into is in 170 group. I've specifically asked to go to 521STRE sister reserve group, ie the water team (I think 506?). Sounds like you have experience with 170, could you impart some of your knowledge of the role of regular officer in relation to 170 and infrastructure engineering? Given my previous experience, I'd be very keen on 521 STRE to be honest, but worried you don't get to to be that specific post sandhurst however.


Just stumbled across this thread, I'm looking to join 170 group too. I have Alpha training starting 04/09 at Grantham. I am unsure which of the teams to go into after passing training though!
As you're a civil engineer, one of the Works teams would be a logical move. No reason why you shouldn't try Ports or Railway though, they both use civil engineers. Even Power - it's not wiring plugs, it's design so they still need buildings to stop the electricity getting soggy.
@aed78973 - I'm the current senior army geologist at 66 Wks Gp. 521 STRE is one of our sub-units. Happy to discuss how geology features in the RE. PM me.

Good evening,

May I also PM a few questions your way? I am a recent geology graduate and I am interested in the role geologists have within the modern army.

Thank you,


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