Royal Engineers No.1 Dress Regs

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by cbarker404, Dec 27, 2012.

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  1. hey, just needing a bit of help with no.1's. as a cadet i've never had to wear blues before but my unit is receiving an inspection from a regular engineers officer. he has sent a letter forward stating that he would like the senior cadet ( me) to wear blues for the occassion. i have most of the uniform i believe but i have a few questions about wearing it

    1) is rank worn on both arms or just right?
    2) as ssgt, do i wear a normal brass buckle or an engineers plated one?
    3) what shade of blue lanyard do the enginers wear?
    4)do i need a certain kind of boots or are the assualt boots sufficient?

    *) i have asked almost everyone in my battalion for advice but have learned that we do not receive the regulations that the army receive so i have no way of finding out. if possible would i be able to get a copy online? any help is vastly appreciated!

  2. Who is the visiting officer? He must be at least a 4* General and, even then, I'm not sure it's reasonable for him to expect you to wear Blues!
  3. X59

    X59 LE

    Somebody is having you on son.
  4. its just a major but its to show a lot of the younger cadets different uniforms of the army, i beleive our rsm is coming up in no.2's
  5. the rsm has said that seeing as the officer asked me, then he was happy to let me wear them.

    without sounding like a dick, can anyone actually help me with the dress regs or am i just going to be chastised about the situation???
  6. yes i was issued the trousers and tunic, and the white belt with brass clips. everything else i have to get myself.
  7. Given you are a cadet, why not get your unit to check with either the visiting Major, or your own CFAVs?
  8. mate you clearly have not seen half the cfavs, cant dress themselves nevermind give advice on how to.

    i suppose i could ask the major to send a copy, just wanted to avoid the embarrasment of it really haha
  9. christ, not one of them...
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    If you want to find out the correct Dress Regs for the Corps, I suggest you contact RHQ RE at Chatham or the Corps RSM.

    (or you could use Google "Royal Engineer Dress Regulations" and find them in 2 seconds)

    That said, I cannot believe that a Regular RE major is expecting a cadet to wear No 1 Dress, a form of uniform that the Royal Engineers very rarely wear other than for weddings, funerals or state ceremonial. Who is this bloke and where is he from?