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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Brownie193, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. Is Anybody going on the RE insight course from the 8th to 10th July or could anybody tell me what these insight courses entail. Thanks.
  2. Popcorn! Get your popcorn here!
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  3. in before discoed
  4. .
    You should expect an insight into the Royal Engineers.
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  5. Is this the POM course or the regular Oggie one, as you will need beer for the Oggie one and beer and pies for the POM one.
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  6. [Serious mode] These courses are well worth going on. They literally do what they say on the tin, from the mess to the field. [/Serious mode]
  7. How do you get onto these courses ?

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  8. How would I get into the RE insight course ?

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  9. Army careers information office
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  10. go into the carrers office and ask them, they're well worth going on, you learn alot about what you want to do aswell as having a good laugh.
  11. Some of the things that you will do

    build bridges
    build rafts
    Fanny about with Plastic Explosive (under close supervision)
    Fanny about on high ropes stuff
    Fanny about in fast boats on the Medway and get wet
    Do some PT/Games
    Look around the workshops at Chatham
    Visit an Armoured Regiment (operational commitments permitting)

    Not necessarily in this order. You'll be based at Gibraltar Barracks and coached to other locations like Chatham as necessary.
  12. so its bullshitting to civis
  13. recruitment (ri'krut:t'ment) n 1. orchestrated campaign to convince the gullible that life in the Army is all about having a great time in the NAAFI after work with your best mates 2. activity that attracts the some of finest tour dodging pie-munchers to perpetuate the un-truths about weekly windsurfing and ski trips to simpletons 3. process that is passed to an outsourcing company for the which the collqial term "passion fingers" was created on account of their ability to f**k up everything they touch

    See also propaganda, mislead and disappoint.
  14. Does anyone know when I can be misled on a propaganda trip? I have to go so they'll let me go to selection. I can't wait to be disappointed.

    Okay serious now, when is the next RE insight course?

    P.S. Diggerdaddy is not my daddy. The milkman is.
  15. Ill let you know , so long as you gob off to regular soldiers when you visit Chatham and Gibraltar Barracks. On the condition that its got to be equal if not better than what you say here.
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