Royal Engineers In Libya post WW II

I'm looking for whon to contact to find out info for my father.
He spent around 18 months in Libya 1947-49 with the Engineers.
Is there a contact or website, so I could find out more info about the Palace reconstructions etc.
I know he spent a fair bit of time at a camp called "Lhaite" or "Leytey" in the local parlance, with German POWs doing a lot of the work.
Hi there, my Grandad served in Libya & Egypt around 47-49 I believe. REME. Ill get in touch with him and ask him about if he had any involvment with PoW's & palace reconstruction. All I know so far is that he said the desert was littered with burnt out tanks & that during the night the locals would sneak into the camps and cut patches out of the canvas tents the REME were sleeping in! He said the next day they would go into town and find pairs of shoes made out of the canvas! Ill try to get some info for you, maybe they were friends!