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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by stuck_in_leeds, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. I've just passed my AOSB Briefing, and am arranging my fam visits. I've put down the Royal Engineers as my first choice, so i'm arranging that fam visit first. Does anyone know what goes on?
  2. congrats! ive got my POID on thursday and hopefully briefing in March. What was the AOSB like? easier or harder then you thought?
  3. It was only the AOSB Briefing, but it was pretty good. The discussion and planex is pretty crucial, so you've just got to really keep up with current affairs. Speak up in the discussion but don't interrupt people and practice the bleep test.
  4. I've been on my AOSB as well, It's easier than I expected it to be as Sandhurst is the most prestigous military academy in the world, I got a Cat 2 because I was only 17 and a 17 year old officer would go down like a tonne of lead bricks!
  5. I dread getting a long cat 2, as when I get around to AOSB I'll be 24 and a half ish. With the wait times for RMAS there's a real concern I'd hit 26 beforehand.
  6. Stuck in Leeds - Noticed the name and thought I'd ask the rather obvious question, are you actually in Leeds? I'm local and work in Leeds and wouldn't mind meeting up with a few others in the app-process.

    I passed my briefing and I'm currently booking FAM visits for RA/RE so I'm in a similar position to you.
  7. well hopefully the poid goes well this thurs and then i can assess where i am in regards to everyone else... its just my running thats letting me down. im not a athletic person never have been, im more into weights but gotta do what i gotta do!
  8. I'm exactly the same, I used to do quite a lot of weights and so the assault course and strength requirements for AOSB seem to be a walk in the park, however the running is definitely not my friend. Hard work is bringing the run times down though and I'm sure it's doing the same for you... How is your running going, you managing to build up much stamina/speed?
  9. when i first started my 1.5 was 15mins i've now got that down to 12mins. But someone told my im not running right... ie not lifting my knees up high enough, i ideally want to be able to run the 1.5 in 9.30.

    so on my POID on thurs i know the running will fail but the rest should be alright...
  10. Sounds a bit similar to me then. I started and was running for 3-4mins and then my heart was pounding... turns out that something as simple as breathing was my downfall there. I made the mistake of thinking, if I'm making my legs go faster, I'll just try breathing a bit faster. Anyways, I'm down to around 10:20 now but I'm doing some 5k runs and gonna do a few 10k runs to build up stamina, then try a sub-10min to see how that works out.

    For the beep test you need to do something that will build up the stamina in your legs, my PT advise me to try playing squash... something I want to do but can't find a parner currently, hoping the gym has a sign-up sheet though.

    How's the rest of your prep going for Briefing?
  11. I run 1.5min in just over 9minutes, 9:06 last time I checked.

    There was a time though when I ran it in 11 minutes, and my 'best' was 9:45 and I could have collapsed with fatigue but self satisfaction.

    My only tip to you is to do fartlek training. If you're planning to run 1.5miles, run 2miles instead. Fartlek (run post to post 1-4 times a running session) and in a month you'll smash your time. Don't over do the post to post running, you want to aim for a maximum of 4. At the very most in a 2 mile session.
  12. i've been doing 5 - 7 mile runs and can comfortably do them, its the short distance i need to improve on.

    im also doing CrossFit (circuits) to build up overall stamina and then i am running in the evenings from distance to intervals.

    The rest is going alright, im reading a news paper every day, getting the economist and the week to read as well, and ive been doing alot of verbal reasoning tests, psychometric tests, numeracy tests and then speed distance and time tests... sounds alot but seeing as i haven't touched maths since i was in College back in 2006 i think thats about enough.
  13. thanks brink404, i think ive been concentrating to much on distances and will after thursday be doing fartlek
  14. Doing Fartlek over a few miles is a great way to work on both recovery rates and stamina, two of the key requirements for the beep test. I'm hoping to pick up with some more Fartlek once the evenings are a bit lighter - Namely to prevent myself being hit my the idiot drivers around my area, along with the brilliant youth of today who are roaming around looking for trouble whilst it's dark.
  15. Hi stuck in Leeds. I'm at uni and Leeds and just passed my briefing at the weekend. My RE fam visit is 6-9th August. Not 100% sure what happens on it at the moment but I'm sure we can find out online.