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Royal Engineers Fam Visit?

Just wondering if anyone here is going on the familiarisation visit at the start of October or if anyone has been on it?

Looks like a great few days and can't wait, apparently it's also really helpful for your main board according to my ACA, any truth in this?
I was meant to be going on the 5th Oct visit but I had to cancel last week due to personal matters...looks like I have to wait another 3 months!

Let me know how it goes and enjoy yourself!
I'm not sure if it is the same, but I was a fullscrew on the EOD Regiment stand in the room set up for the R.E. at Sandhurst many moons ago, all Corps and other Units had separate rooms and by all accounts it is a fantastic day for the Officer recruits where they get a chance to choose their sponsors? we managed to drum up a lot of interest that day, which might have had something to do with the fact we were in good spirits from the previous nights' Pub crawl and curry night! it was good banter in the room as we were in competition with Armoured/Para/Commando and other Engineer Units such as Amphibious and Divers etc.

Anyone else been part of this? if you get the chance to be a part of it I would highly recommend it, I was there with our Asst Adjt who was a good laugh over the couple of days and we had a great time with all the other Unit Reps also... 8)

P.S. It may well have been the Barrett Rifle we had in front of our stand that acted like a Corps Fanny Magnet to the potential Officers :wink:
Was going on 5/6/7th October one, but due to uni starting up it wont be possible. I guess Ill have to wait a few months to get down there, but it sounds like good fun.
The gunners visit is fantastic, a great night in the yo's bar as well as a day out field firing. It also used to contain a very cheeky phys session although I think that has stopped. The visit is excellent though and well worth it.

I went on both engineers and gunners pre sandhurst and they were both excellent.
The best two fam visits you can do are the Gunners (said with clenched teeth) and of course God's Corps of Royal Engineers.

I promise you will have a great time on the Sappers fam visit and indeed if you are lucky enough to join, when you get through RMAS (well week 22 anyway). Remember only a 3rd of Sapper potential OCdts get selected and some intakes even less. The Corps is heavily subscribed at RMAS.
I did a one day insight course at the gunners a few months back. It was very insightful and can agree with stabtoreg in regards to cheeky phys. Although mine was easier than the three day POC.

I am in the process of getting a POC date for both the Engineers and the Gunners.

My Sapper FAM visit lasted 3 years,as I was in the ranks,before going to RMAS.Therre was never any doubt in my mind,as to where I wanted to be commissioned.However,I was cut no slack,because of my prior service,when getting into the Sappers.It's a very egalitarian Corps.
Thanks for all the replies guys, I really am psyched for this. I'm assuming I will get to spend some time with Officers and hopefully some soldiers as well?

Another question, what does the swimming test involve? Had to go out and buy some new speedos :p
It's just a basic military swim test, tread water for thirty seconds then swim two lengths or something. It's because you go out in a boat and they want to be sure that none of mummies little darlings is killed by the army!
stabtoreg said:
It's just a basic military swim test, tread water for thirty seconds then swim two lengths or something. It's because you go out in a boat and they want to be sure that none of mummies little darlings is killed by the army!

Ah right thanks, pretty damn easy then. I thought it was going to be swimming several lengths in clothes like you used to do in primary school!
Yeah it is easy, you do swimming with clothes at sandhurst, and it would make more sense, considering you go on the boat in clothes but that's the engineers for you. The Gunners don't bother with any of this nonsense!
Forgive my ignorance but are the Gunners part of the Royal Artillery? As I've heard of the Gunners from the RAF, but not really in a reference to the army. Also glad to hear if I'm successful I will get a chance to relive some of my favourite primary school activities at Sandhurst!

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