Royal Engineers F.A. Cup Winners 1875 Retro Football Tops

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Zus40RE, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. Zus40RE

    Zus40RE Swinger

  2. Zus40RE

    Zus40RE Swinger

    Simply Press on the URL and you will find the RE Shirt, these really are excellent shirts, very unusual and will be great worn in any RE Football Match ;) THIS LINK WILL TAKE YOU DIRECTLY TO THE SHIRT RE F.A. Cup Winners Final 1875 Retro Shirt
  3. RedMistUK

    RedMistUK Old-Salt

    Wow! The Dogs Machenders! just ordered mine, didn't know the Corps, let alone ANY Unit in the Military had anything to do with the F.A. Cup!!!
  4. ginganinja1uk

    ginganinja1uk Swinger

    oops sorry dint see the link above
  5. shades33re

    shades33re Swinger

    Had one for about 18 months ,,great for reunions
  6. Gotta get me one of those.
  7. ABF9

    ABF9 Old-Salt

    I remember being told that in training.

    Who did we play and what was the score?



    1875 V Old Etonians (1-1), Won the Replay 2-0 (The first ever replay in the FA Cup Final)

    Runners Up:

    1872 V Wanderers (1-0), 1st ever final. Was played at the Kennington Oval in front of a crowd of 2000 (All officer team, typical !!!!!)

    1874 V Oxford University (2-0)

    1878 V Old Etonians (3-), Etonians actually won the cup outright (6 times), however they restored it to the FA
  9. A_Knocker_Till_The_End

    A_Knocker_Till_The_End LE Moderator

    just bought one of the lads one of these as a leaving gift far better than some of the "tat" they roll out as gifts.

    i've had one for about 10 years.
  10. ftreqptmyass

    ftreqptmyass Old-Salt

    Knocker you played as poorly as ever.

    Now is it the blue or black that is neutral all theses new fangled colours glad I am not a Sparks:)
  11. What happened to the one you played in?

  12. A_Knocker_Till_The_End

    A_Knocker_Till_The_End LE Moderator

    i outgrew it. :D :D :D :D