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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by nathyman22, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. hi guys

    just seriously need to know if for this role within the RE, would i have to take a technical selection test? :S

    many thanks
  2. Yes. Sparky assessment. Someone will be along in a minute to explain more about length and what it involves. I'm just a lowly welder/blacksmith me!
  3. much appreciated, on the army website though it says a technical selection test is only applicable to those applying for technical trades? so will i have to take this maths test as it seems or another type of test i am really confused as their is no clarification
  4. Iirc. The sparky assessment is mostly maths. I'll ask me bezzer tomorrow. He's an A1 sparky and is getting out in the next couple of months to be a full time civvy sparky. I'll let you know what he says.
  5. but this is not a technical role> , they are marked with the word* haha
  6. Tbh mate. The corps website is shit. It really does explain the square root of fuxk all. It gives titbits and tasters. Best bet is to ask someone in the know. I.e someone on here or a recruiter, (preferably an engineer one!)
  7. let me know tommorow what it entails if you have the time fella,greatly appreciated
  8. Just got a text from my mate and I quote "maths, and wire a plug, twas webbotron." and when asked what the maths was like he replied "normal ont assesment, degree level on actual cse" Know its not much but hope it helps a little.
  9. Pretty sure a few years back everyone joining the Corps had to do the technical test at selection.
  10. Can't remember doing it as a potential planty. Was ten year ago though and my memory is dog toffee, so good chance your right! What did it involve? Might jog the old noodle.
  11. i have found out their is a technical selection test with a pass mark of 25/55 for an electrician in the sappers. what do you mean by degree at cse, much appreciated guys for the imput.
  12. My lads done this and said it was easy enough I'll get more info off him and pass it on.
  13. If I remember correctly it was just a buckshee sit down maths test, you get a calculator.

    Wasn't just engineers that had to do it, was basically anyone getting a trade out of the army.

    I might be wrong but you do a very similar, if not the same test at Gib in your first week, lad on ours got full marks and pushed into going Geo.

    More than likely all changed now though, quick scan of the Joining Up board shows things are very different to 5-6 years ago.
  14. Fair one 3123
  15. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    were you trained by Paul Spedding perchance ?