Royal Engineers Drill Instructor Belt

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by bing191, Oct 23, 2011.

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  1. I am on the hunt for this elusive belt. It is a thick brown belt made from a strange plastic material with a brass buckle. Lots of senior drill isstructors have the belt but don't know its name or where to obtain one from. They have been passed down to them, but there must be a source.

    Any information will be greatly appreciated.


  2. damn it... couldn't even see it so don't know whether it was the right one or not.
  3. Can't believe i didnt find this earlier when searching!!!!!!!
  4. That website doesn't exist.
  5. Looks just like the white leather belts the Guards wear. Buy a surplus one of these and then polish with brown polish instead of white blanco
  6. A few different versions in white available;

    The old rough side out leather type which required cleaning with a white type of blanco polish/powder and left white marks on the uniforms easy to dye brown. A smooth side out version which is difficult to dye, and a white plastic type which was cleaned with furniture polish similar to the brown one which is impossible to dye, also available in black for the Police Tarmac Technicians.
  7. No such joy witht he website given, just have to keep looking and hoping!
  8. TRY;

    Toye, Kenning and Spencer » Home
    Tel; 02476848800


    Firmin Established 1677
    Tel; 0121 3800800

    And of course SILVERMANS in London or SABRE in Portsmouth (Southsea).
  9. again no joy with the help being given, :(
  10. Hi I'm a Royal Engineer senior drill instructor and a junior belt is the same as the guards white buff belt in style, just made out of brown plastic and obviously not the guards buckle. A shop called Medway Medals can get these made for you, they will show up on a web search. A senior instructor should wear a sword style belt, but most of us wear the junior belt because its easyer to teach rifle drill in. A juniors belt will cost you approx £85-£90 to get made