Royal Engineers disbanding?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by DRAUGHTYBOY, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. I've heard a rumour from a few staff sergeants and of friend of in the REME that us along with the REME are disbanding into other corps next year sometime?

    any truth in this?
  2. Yeah, Bum-boy Brigade :)
  3. great 3rs post move along nothing to see here
  4. Did they tell you this after sending you for some spare bubbles for the spirit level?
  5. I heard that the RE and REME were going to be subsumed into the RLC, to make the RRLC*.

    *Really Really Large Corps
  6. I think they were implying that the Army will be splitting into 'teeth arms' (Inf, Cav etc) and combat support (RE, RLC, AAC etc).

  7. WOW! stop there Lobster my friend. 1983 and my nose still hurts. G1098 check............

    Big brickie to me, "bayonet, go get me new bubbles for the spirit levels"
    me to big brickie, " 4cough you twat, I'm not stupid!"

    The old wooden spirit levels could have the glass 'bubbles' replaced, they were set in plaster of paris type stuff. Brickies were trainned to change and set them.
  8. I thought we had got rid of all the dross over the years, now they want to put us back with them, okay but only the Posties . . .
  9. Please god no its hard enough holding the weight of my cap badge now, adding a ******* horse will just kill me
  10. You just want a free drink tonight you smooth talker! :p
  11. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    there wont be any ex RE posties left will there, unless they have one stuck out at the shittiest posting ever and have forgotten about them ;)

    and don't forget P-T Charlie doesnt drink so he wasn't being nice to you

  12. Every single time there is a major SDR, this comes up and it always proves to be balls. In any case, it'd be idioctic in the extreme to merge two fundamentally different Corps just because they both have 'engineers' in the title.
  13. The last ex-RE Posties still have 4 years to push. I know numbers aren't your strong point! :scratch:
  14. Like your logic wedge, but on the evidence of "political thinking and understanding" - the SoS Defence probably thinks they're one and the same already. :)
  15. I heard that the Signals, REME and RE were all merging into the RLEC.
    Realy Large Engineer Corps