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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by tomsim, May 31, 2010.

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  1. Hey if you join the army as a royal engineer, how long is it before you can apply to become a royal engineer commando?
  2. You will probably get a roadshow at sometime during your time at Gibraltar Barracks (Phase 2).

    You will be able to register your interest for 24 Regt then and take it from there.
  3. First week of phase 2. You can choose- EOD, UK, Germany, amphib Germany (soon to be TA), 23 para or 24 commando. Your choice is final and cannot be changed. In phase one you may get a brief about 24, plus you may also get a phase 2 visit in week8/9 of phase 1 where you can express interest/put down your choice of posting.(This can be changed in week1 of phase 2)

    Your pretty much guaranteed to get 23 or 24 if you pick them, unlike if you pick Germany and could end up going EOD or a UK posting like Tidworth or even Northern Ireland.
    Armoured Engineers can not apply for 23/24 in or after they complete phase 2 and must wait up to 3-5 years if they wish to join.

    Both 23 and 24 are based in the UK where you will have a year to complete the course, or be posted to another engineer reg. You may do the course after you finish your phase2b trade trainning or at the end of your phase2a if you have a long wait for your trade course to start at chatham.
  4. Bloody hell Jack_Master_General! That's one nice little golden nugget of info about joining 24.So are you one of those with the green lid on? :p
  5. nay :oops:
  6. Say if you choose EOD, a couple of years down the line could you also ask to go to 24, or is it you get one choice and thats that?
  7. Better Off joining RLC and then applying for Commando Log Regt. If you have the taklent you then also go Ammunition Tech.
  8. EOD have both Para and Commando trained personal (and Para/Cdos or Cdo/Paras for that matter)

    And don’t listen to the bloke above, if you take his advice, no matter what qualification you get you will still have to live with the stigma of being a stinking filthy loggie in the RLC :wink:
  9. what is EOD?
  10. Hey Caarps, you know that RLC IED Ops are neither stinking (well sometimes) or filthy,(well occasionally) and they do get a Higher Pay Band with faster promotion, then again it is bloodly difficult to become one of what are fast becoming "The Few" of the Afghanstan Campaign.
  11. Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  12. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (or Bomb Disposal) of various ordinance that ATs (Ammunition Technicians) don’t dispose of.

    But please, please, don’t go there with who is responsible for what and why and who does it better and why the split in responsibilities and why the split in capbadges and why can’t they share and why it is impossible for it to be an All Arms responsibility and who is the most downtrodden and unloved and unwanted and who has the best PR machine and who are the biggest heroes or most at risk and how the rest of the universe wishes they would all just get over themfuckingselves and sort it out without yet another willy waving thread :wink:
  13. Steady ....................... incoming
  14. See what I mean :D :D :D
  15. Ooooh I am trembling :D