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Royal Engineers Charity Wristbands EOD/Cdo & Para RE

Listen in you feckers

Three types of RE wristbands being flogged for charity. The proceeds will go to 33EOD Regt Charity/Welfare fund

We have RE EOD , RE Cdo and RE Para wristbands at £2 a throw.

You also get one extra due to fixed postage costs

e.g. order 3 get 4 etc.

Picture shows front and back of wristband, hairy arm not included.

Hosted through The Medal Mounting Shop for payment facilities

Any Questions? Scroll to bottom of web page below

Buy them here :- Online Shop. Order your medal mounting in either court style or ordinary style. Also order medal accesories and ribbon
It's supposed to be a wristband, not a 'half way down your hand' band

that's a girly child's wrist, but thanks for hijacking my charity thread
well he did read and post in the thread 'Veet for Men - OK, fess up you pervs ' , where he claims to have been through RMAS.

So, he is either an Ossifer of Hengineers, which would explain the skinny wrists as he's never done a hard days work in his life, but watched his Sappers do a few - or he is a minging civvy wretch, with skinny arms, a fondness for shaving his bodily hair and likes wearing pink wristbands that slip off unless he spreads his fingers out whilst walking along!

So which is it Parky Boy ?
...can it not be all of the above?

I do try and get hands on a bridge panel every now and then, it's not my fault I'm told to "Get back in the CV".
It does keep my nails looking nice though.
No I'm in the above mentioned Unit on the pink wristband.

Nothing wrong with releasing your inner 'metrosexual' though.
That's why i'm not wearing one of those wrist bands with daggers or wings on it.

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