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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Chippy1988, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. Hi all, here's my story.
    I'm 21 now, and wanted to join up when I left school but couldn't because I wasn't 4 years clear of athsma. This isn't a worry now, I'm well clear of it and fit enough to pass selection (I think) and there's no trace of wheezing when I exercise.
    So anyway, I became a carpenter, but it's such a good job I totally forgot about the army and never looked back.
    But recently I started reconsidering, I guess mainly the Army being in the public eye a lot at the moment because of Afghanistan etc 'reminded' me how much I wanted to do it before.
    I decided I should go for it, rather than regretting it when I'm 30 or whatever and wondering how it would of gone for me in the Army.
    I realise I will take a massive pay cut joining up, which doesn't bother me as I'll save a lot on accomodation etc (currently renting) and won't have much time to spend my money anyway!
    I've already applied, my recruiter seems pretty happy with me. Done good in my BARB test and my GCSEs are good so I was offered nearly every job going. Waiting on my RG8 being finished so I can drop it in. The doctor's surgery didn't seem too happy when I mentioned 'Army form'?
    But I'm pretty certain I want a career in the Royal Engineers as a carpenter.
    But I can't really seem to find specifics on their day to day life, MAIN job and potential for progression/promotion.
    How much of the time would I actually spend doing construction carpentry?
    I'm already a fully qualified and competent carpenter with nearly 5 years under my belt (including apprenticeship), will this help me progress faster promotion wise?
    How much time would I spend in the UK, and where would I be likely to be posted abroad?
    Am I likely to go to warzones such as Afghanistan? Don't get me wrong by the way, I have no problem with that. Just wondering what I would be doing there if and when I do go?

    Hope someone can answer my questions.

  2. Thanks.
    Didn't even need to ask anything in the forum, after looking at the stickies I'm 100% sure RE is for me!
    I'm just going to put Chippy, Sparky and Plumber as my choices. As it seems they'll be doing mainly the same thing, rarely using their artisan trade.
    Hopefully I will get a space as a chippy though because my recruiter says I will be able to skip my trade training after a small assessment.
  3. Happy days.
    Even more pleased to see you had a good old rummage to find what you needed instead of asking questions.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.