Royal Engineers Bar in Bosnia

Discussion in 'Bosnia/Former Yugoslavia (Op GRAPPLE, Op RESOLUTE)' started by Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine, May 3, 2005.

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  1. I was attached to 2LI in Boz back in '95 and in the Brick Factory in Kiseljak the RE built a fantastic bar in the ovens. Can anyone remember the name it was given?

    Great ice cold Pivo and Sky Sports! :lol:
  2. No I can't remeber the name of the bar but it was built by 2 Tp 1st Fd Sqn (the mighty dog) just before I arrived to take over 1 Tp.
  3. Short Fuse,
    What job did your troop do there? I was there for the whole of November on the rebro and then went back to Vitez before we went IFOR.
  4. We spent most of our time in the GV area building bridges, upgrading the TOM factory and repairing roads. Also helped out with the HQ RM UN withdrawl HQ at Kiseljak. Good times!!
  5. Yep - good times. Did the RM cry when you dismantled their gym in the Hotel! :D
  6. I do remember the fine bar on the beach in Split, it was legendary up country, almost mythical.

    On R&R I somehow managed to get down 2 days early and spend an extra day there :wink:
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  7. Bridging in Bosnia, oh yes i remember! Perie bridge was it not? (31 Armd Engr Sqn) I Spent many happy weeks there polishing a T*rd! Squadron Bar? PS many thanks to 49 EOD Sqn for apparently clearing the area!
  8. The 'Infamous' Sappers Bar in D Barracks, Split! what a contrast to the 'in country' Bosnia at the time, a truly fantastic place, like coming across a mirage in the desert and then WHOOMPHHHH!!!! Reality dawns and you realise where you are, REMF (Oops! sorry, PONTI City!) I remember the lot of us being treated like S&%$ while handing our rounds etc. in and these morons checking every round, not just that we were handing back in what we signed out but even checking the batch numbers etc. trying to drop us in the cack!!! and they had the audacity to give them all the same medals that everyone up country were given! Split is on the Croatian Coast not too far North of the Ultimate Paradise of the Dalmation Coast, Makarska, Dubrovnik, Brela etc. and full of some of the most stunning females on the Planet!!!!!

    Any other stories of entering this garden of Eden and being treated like scum by the QM'a Dept, Clerks etc. etc. etc. I bet there are thousands of likewise stories out there...
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  9. Agreed. DJ barracks was inhabited by wasters and jobsworths. And this is coming from me! The man who spent a summer tour at Dalma Warehouse, just a stones throw from Stobrec harbour!! MY next was a Winter tour during the build up in Macedonia. We were soooo busy in tank transporting.
  10. The bar became known as the Kiseljak Cavern in 96 after Geo took over. But I think we used the opposite end of the Kiln to that which 1 or 26 Sqns had used.
  11. If anybody was in Kiseljak in 93 (Op-Grapple 3) they may remember the "UN Bar" in the hotel. I ran that with 2 other sappers, a sigs lass, and dutch lads. If anybody was there at the time I probably served you. We even served during firefights outside the balcony which I allways found weird but typical of what was going on at the time. I also beleive we were the only bar to have Boddingtos for a while which was worth a couple of Marlboro packets if you were gaggin. :wink:
  12. took 2 years to build a bar? I was on my second tour by then.
  13. It bloody well was not the mighty dog!! it was 26 AES having taken over the brick factory from 31 AES. I was there when it was built....... you clearly were not. Case closed.
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  14. Bloody hell where has this thread turned up from bloody 2005 sappersonparade :roll:

    Lets get something straight I endured 6 months of hell living above the bar in Split and came away an alcoholic. We were made to organise at least one party a week (many of them naked bars) and wore my dress against my will on far too many occssions id like to mention (not for sexual demands from you Wedges I hasten to add). I was far too p*ssed to be a jobs worth but wouldnt class myself as a waster though, maybe wasted. I did howver go up country on a few daring visits, how else was i going to get my dodgy CDs.
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  15. I was in Tommystruckstop with 45 (Tommy the tank engine) Fd Sp Sqn, in 96.... there were two guys at Dalma caught roaring up each others marmite motorway!!... any confessions to make? :-D