Royal engineers , air con and refrigerating job , is it any good ?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kieranpaine, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. I was ment to be going into the RE this September as a junior as a RE plant op mechanic however there is no longer any job for that till this time next year and because they have only just told me all the jobs in the hole army has more or less been taken up for this sept and this January so the job that i can go into is being a air con and refrigerating job and i want to know is it worth taking ? :spiderman: i will be most grateful for any reply as this is my first time on arrse ?
  2. I wouldn't say so. If you want RE, i'm guessing it's a combat engineer you wanna be?

    Also, as JE, you planned on going to Harrogate?

    If you want it that bad, i'd wait it out.
    What age are you just now?
  3. Yes i wanna be a combat engineer im 16 years old and doing nothing , cant be arsed waiting a year for the job of pom in RE and my family say that this job will be a fare coushy job and also good for when/if i get out on civvie street ?
    also it is winchester i will be going :L so dont no whats best for me
  4. Ahh. Well I figure it's probs too late for getting a placement.

    I'm hoping to go to Harrogate next year for Infantry.
    So what I suggest, is you have a chat with your AFCO, and see if you'd be able to go to Winchester next year (If 17 and a half or under by September next year).

    I mean, doing air con is a bit different from blowing shit up, eh?

    Wheres the excitement that you'd want being a Combat Engineer, doing air con...?
  5. You will learn combat engineering, and be a Combat Engineer, no matter what trade you take up.
  6. Agreed ^
    Isn't it a specialisation or trade?

    You might be asked by someone to do it, or you can go forward for it.
  7. but i will be doing combat engineering before my trade any way so i will still be blowing shit up and having a mint time ? but getting an okay job out of it plus everyone will be my best mate in afgan ;)
  8. What you mean about Afghan?

    Combat Engineering is a specialist role i thought, or not.
  9. Kieran don't listen to ScotlandsLad, he hasn't a ******* clue what he's talking about.

    I left the RE in 2005 so hopefully someone more current will be along to give you advice soon, but you wouldn't spend your entire career as "the unit aircon and fridge handyman".
  10. I know, I know shit about RE.
    Basically, if you think it's worth the wait, then wait it out.

    Could be a good way to see what civvy life is like if you get a small job if your waiting.

    The only thing I know about something like RE is that my dad was in the REME and was a GPMG Gunner what ever his role was haha.
  11. cheers guys :)
  12. Yo Kieranpaine I'm in the RE, I'd say go for it. If you join the RE you will be trained in combat engineering as is everyone in the RE regardless of trade. Infantry soldier first, combat engineer second, trade third. Lobster is right though, you won't hardly touch your trade unless your either on exercise or in a sandy place. I'd say take the air con/refrig trade and get straight into getting done with the whole training thing, it'll be worth more to you when you leave in civvi street too.
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  13. Yes, career for life, refrigeration is always needed, heat pumps (fridge in reverse) will be heating a lot of houses in the future. I know nothing about the RE, quite a lot about engineering. Grab it. Move onto other things when you've got the craft qualifications.
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  14. HVAC is a good trade to have, shame there are few opportunities in the Corps to take advantage of it. If you are mechanically minded and actually want to do your trade I would suggest asking if you could be a fitter (I think the new term for it is equipment mechanic). You can then specialise at Class 1 level so if you want to stick with engineer construction plant you go fitter equipment, if you fancy doing more mechanical engineering you can do utilities and petroleum and you also have fitter machinst. Ask the ACFO about that. As fitter is a pinch point trade I dare say there will be vacancies.
  15. I spent 14 years in the Corps (as a POM). Take the Air Con trade it will be more use when you leave especially if you fancy moving / emigrating to Oz at a later stage in life. You are a soldier first, combat engineer second and tradesman last. You will get loads of Combat Engineering in fella. Dont foreget there are many other specialist courses you can also get on such as Para, Commando, Diver, Driver, EOD etc etc. Just get in!
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