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Hi All,

Some of you may have read my other threads. I am thinking of going back into the forces (ex RAF) and will hopefully be applying to the army after christmas.

Im just a bit unsure of which trade to go for. Most of my adult life has been in computers so CSE is an obvious choice but im bored of sittin behing a desk all day. Ive worked in construction before and miss gettin my hands dirty. So im really looking into the RE.

My first choice of trade would be Carp/Joiner but ive read on here that after trade training you rarely get to use your trade anyway, which is disappointing. Are there any trades that have better opportunities than other. I mean opportunities for better postings, deployments, travel, etc.

The ones ive been lookin at are Carp/Joiner, Plantie and Geographic Tech. Any thoughts on these trades and what each one offers?

Also i know the RE are heavily deployed in Afghan. Can anyone tell me how long the deployments are for and how often. I know 6 months is the usual but infantry is longer. Hows the RE for this?

Juiced not to be rude or anything BUT have you tried using the SEARCH function on the site????

all your questions will be magically answered with this & saves the same answers being trotted out time and again.

good luck & good choice.

Knocker, I have read through alot of threads on here and learnt alot so far, but havnt really come across the answers I was looking for, but if you say there are threads on these topics then I'll keep searching. Thanks.
no bother, have you read the sticky's at the top of the page Juiced????

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