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Royal Engineer Pocket Book (1902)

Evening all. Just stumbled upon a REPB that's 100 years old on eBay.

I have gained WWII REPB along with my (current serving) issue one and HERRICK REPB.

There is only a few hours left so I am asking the collective of ARRSE; should I get this one and start a (somewhat geeky) collection?
?Put pointy end of spade in the ground (use weight onto foot to assist).
?Pull spade back out of the ground extracting a clump of earth with it.
?Discard extracted earth in a pile.

(repeat as necessary until trench is dug)
Go ahead, It can't be any geekier (is that a word?) than noting down the number of every locomotive that passes through your town, or a/c that starts/lands in the local airfield.

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