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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Jayymayyn, Mar 28, 2010.

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  1. Ok so if you become a Parachute Engineer are you part of the Royal Engineers or Parachute Regiment or Both and also when deployed are you in the thick of the fighting along with the Parachute regiment or do they go in first then you go in after and do your "engineering jobs" ?
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    As a Pararchute Engineer, you are first and foremost a member of the Royal Engineers, and remain so. As for deployment, do a google search. There are some films on YouTube as well iirc from Herrick 4. Now, do some research, have a think, then come back and ask some less bone questions. This has been done very recently on here - the search function on here is your friend, and not just a decoration.

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  3. Jayymayyn,

    1. Once an engineer you will always be part of the Corps. The Paras and Cdos have engineer squadrons attached to them. In fact, as an Engineer in 23 Engineer Regiment (the one attached to Paras), you will wear the maroon beret with your RE badge or flaming grenade (officers) and not the para cap badge. Not all engineers in 23 are para trained, only about half of them are.

    2. As an engineer you are first and foremost a soldier, then a combat engineer, then a tradesman. Should the need arise, you will be doing infantry work, while at other times you will be required to do engineering jobs.

    3. As for who goes in first, I am aware that 24 Cdo Engineer Reg have a recon troop which are para trained cdo engineers and deploy alongside the 3 Cdo BRF (Brigade Recon Force). I am not sure how it works in 23 or if there are engineers in the Pathfinder platoon which is the equivalent of the BRF in 16 Air Assault Brigade.

    Please refer to this thread in the sapper section of arrse for more info on RE regiments and other stuff:

    also refer to:

  4. three threads down is the same fecking question. :x :x :x :x

    did you even look at the threads in the sticky section as wedge put a great thread there that covers most things relating to the corps.
  5. firstly, not anymore. 61 fd sqn recently got collapsed and is now part of 33. the vast majority have now passed p company, and the majority of those who don't, get sent elsewhere in time.

    secondly, yes Recce troop work alongside pf platoon.