Royal Engineer Drill Instructors Hat

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Claireclaire, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. Am trying to get hold of one of these - the only place so far that I have found that can do them is Medway medals but dont really want to pay that amount to have it made - any suggestions as to where I could get one would be much apprieciated!
  2. What on earth is a drill instructors' hat?
  3. It's a hat, worn by a drill instructor.
  4. Forage cap?

    Me thinks that our young lady is a cessette....
  5. I suppose THIS is what the young lady means . . .

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  6. Thank you so much old chap ;)
  7. Not soaking on your chips but do ladies in the RE wear the above headdress?
  8. Caps, SD (Service Dress) I believe, going back to something like 1906

    Only unit I know of that still issues them (and I may be a couple of years out of date) is the Household Cavalry Regt.

    Chat up someone from the HCR and they may have a buckshee one to pass on. complete with brown chinstrap!
  9. He looks rather happy, obviously taken pre-PAYD.
  10. Way WAY before PAYD, even before Centurian was a Tank . . .
  11. I think the Custodians at Colchester wear them, too.

    You're more likely to get one from HCav.
  12. Repro ones are £75 from Pegasus Militaria see linkWeb Page Name
  13. King's Troop wear 'em too :)
  14. The girls who do guiding at Grand Canyon have hats like a lemon squeezer.
    Worn dead straight with a chin strap and a back strap
    Total sex on wheels
  15. And you know this how, IF you were paying so much attention to the HAT?