Royal Engineer Clerks

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by dumbstruck, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. I was just wondering how many ex RE Clerks there are still serving within the AGC, and if so any of them served with 32 Armd Engr Regt or 28 Engr Regt. I would like to catch up with them.
  2. I'm still serving - just (154 days to do)! I'm an ex-RE clerk! I served with 25 Engr Regt (Osnabruck), 39 Engr Regt at Waterbeach and then about 10 years later at 42 Geo (strange bunch of Geo Mongs).
  3. I served with HQ ARRC and had to liaise with the GEO Branch, the RE's were OK but the map section was run by an American made matters much worse. But the worst day of my career was having to hand over my RE beret much drinking was done prior to the ceremony so we were fairly wobbly during the deed and even more so afterwards.
  4. Where were you upon change of capbadge/beret?
  5. 28 Engr Regt Hameln one of the best postings ever, apart from the Klut which we run up once a week.
  6. Why? Did they not return your tights?
  7. I don't wear tights only stockings as it's easier for when you need to go to the toilet, also have you seen what a bank robber looks like whist wearing tights over their heads !!!!!!!!!
  8. I'm still in, I think. Nealy the same 25, 32 and 28. 5 years added onto my sentence for bad behaviour!!!!

    Respect to you all.
  9. There can't be many of us RE Clerks left after the forming of the AGC 16 years ago!

    Moosaca - Do you think that J**k Duf*y was telling you not to become a clerk when he poured washing powder into your Commodore 64 when we were in 16 Sqn?


  10. I'm still in! 3 Sqn (Tidworth), 59, 35 then off to the Black Watch! First posting outside the Glorious Corps - Shock to the system to say the least!
  11. I spent 2 years with the Watch, including Telic 1 enjoy yourself wearing the kilt, I'm not joking they make you wear one.
  12. Rambo, Nahh - I think he was just telling me he didn't like me. Good to see some of the old and bold are still around.

  13. Once a Sapper always a Sapper
  14. Oh the Halcyon days when I was a Chief Clerk, a pearl in the Royal Engineers oyster. Me I'm still a Royal Engineer Clerk - just attached indefinitely to the AGC - Probably the oldest still serving at 46 years old - any takers? But you know what they say about dinosaurs - what did they turn into - birds. Who would you rather have on your side a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a chicken?

    I was with 53 Fd Sqn (Const)- 39 Engineer Regt 85 -89, 42 Svy Engr Gp 89 - 92 and 4 Fd Sqn, 21 Engr Regt before redundancy in 94. Then in a fit of momentary madness & marriage - not being methodist I re-upped in 2007 and am currently with 4 Scots which without being an RE unit is certainly interesting. I know that there is another RE Clerk at ATR Bassingbourn (You know who you are). And I just got 10 years added to my sentence! Quo fas et gloria ducunt - Ubique.
  15. Are you the "Phantom Scribbler"?!!! I was also in 53 for 3 of your years, we were in the Falklands twice up to 89, both times I was lucky enough to be on a Mountain doing construction, you will have received "Quotes from the Goats" and other literary classics from us...

    Didn't all Clerks in the Corps do their Combat Engineer course back then? were you not at least entitled to wear the stable belt after being rebadged?