Royal Engineer Boat Operators

The RE boat operators made a colossal c*ck up in Cyprus, March 1992 which resulted in the death of an OCdt and injuries to others.

I'm sure that they undertake some stringent training but they could have done with a bit more common sense on the day.

No doubt this is outweighed in some people's minds by the numerous successes they have had but it won't bring him back.

RIP Alistair.
Only just seen your post Udipur after finding the thread again. Sorry to hear about your friend in Cyprus. In general anyone completing the Boat Op Specs course was/is quite a competent Boat Operator, especially obviously if they land a Boat Ops posting (few and far between unfortunately!), can you recall what type of boat the Ocdt's had been training in at the time in Cyprus?

The only serious incident I had heard of until now was during a demonstration in the Med that a Boat Op course was involved in where two boats collided, I don't know what happened as it was second hand news years later, but I believe there were 1 or 2 serious casualties resulting from it.

As with any mode of transport in the military be it on land, in the sea or in the air you are always going to have the odd accident, if a heli fell out of the sky due to one moment of human error would you be using the same line "No doubt this is outweighed in some people's minds by the numerous successes they have had" Accidents happen unfortunately but you cannot paint everyone who has passed the course with the same brush as one person who caused an accident.
There used to be a boat section at Antrim, don't know if it's still there or not. As for other yachtie things there's always the British Keil Yacht Club (BKYC) out in Germany or the Joint Services Adventurous Sail Training Centre (JSASTC) place in Gosport.
I closed the NI boat section down in 2007 when 25 moved to Waterbeach, not sure if 38 have taken on the role, but all the boats were sent back.

There are 4 stages of Boat Op in the Engineers.

1. Cbt Engineer Class 3 - Can operate Mk 6 Assault Boat

2. Cbt Engineer Class 1 - Can operate as safety boat operator (there is also a separate Safety boat cse if you're not Cbt Stream).

3. Army Work Boat Operator(AWBO) - Cse run between Marchwood(RLC) who teach Navigation and Upnor(RE boat school) who teach you how to operate Mk 1 and Mk 3 Rigid Raiders.

4. Combat Support Boat (CSB) - Cse run in Upnor by the RE boat school.

To become a boat op you need to be a minimum of LCpl with the safety boat qual already done. It is the best course ever.

If you want any more info PM me!

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