Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wasgunner, Aug 30, 2010.

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  1. I just watched this on BBC1. As usual, it brought a tear to these old eyes. Just wanted to record my thanks to the guys. Thank you.
  2. Yep, well done to the Pipes and Drums of the scousers ;-)
  3. Likewise, just finished watching it. As always, the serving soldiers, sailors and airmen and women of this country and all others which took part put on a first class show. Well done to all.
  4. I was there this year and it was good to see the gunners out in force. Definitely worth going to see live if you can. Only down side was the Top Secret Swiss drummers weren't there. Their drumming is truely amazing.
  5. Excellent show once again
  6. Aye, bloody good show as usual.................however.

    The Citadel Band displayed well - but what is going on with that chin strap under the nose bit?? Different does'nt mean better.
  7. I was in it :D

    Wouldnt believe how much of it they edited out.
    Also, the bikers of the Imps, fantastic bunch of kids.
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    The Tattoo itself was great, the commentary on the other hand was dire. It just goes to prove what an asset Tom Fleming was.
  9. Totally agree.

    Never made it this year and watching it on Sky+ just now.

    Always a joy to watch.
  10. Excellent, brought a lump in the throat & a tear to my eyes as well.

    I still remember watching it as a 4 yr old, when the RM used to slide down ropes and all sorts.......thats what made my mind up to join RM at the age of 4, acheived 14 years later......I m 45 this year.
  11. I went this year. The New Zealanders were real class.
  12. I am taking 'er indoors' back to her porridge wog roots next year and wouldn't mind taking in the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. How easy is it to get tickets or do you have to book ages in advance?
  13. It certainly brought a lump to something. What struck me most was the wet-look leotards and heaving lungs on those dancin' gals. Christos sur la bicyclette! I bet they were accommodated well away from the great unwashed.
  14. It has been a sell out for the last few years

    Tickets | Edinburgh Military Tattoo

    There is a phone number on here you will have to give them a call to see when they are on sale next year. I had 4 for this years but was unable to make it, those that went said it was fantastic and it was shame that they cut it out so much for the telly.

    They have to get rid of the muppet who was commentating he ruin it.