Royal dragoon guards

Discussion in 'RAC' started by gillyjk, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. Thoughts and opinions on the regiment? Dads ex regiment and I'm thinking of joining.
  2. Very good when I saw them in action. However, all these things are cyclical and the best today might the worst tomorrow and vice versa. If you have a family connection and like the role, I would recommend that you go for it.
  3. Excellent Regiment, I might be slightly biased. Who's your dad? PM me if you dont want to put name in public
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  4. Best Regt I served with.
  5. The leading Armoured Regiment by all acounts, top RAC Gunnery results for about 4 years on the trot (minus years not complete due to ops). Only Reg in 4 Bde to get all green on combined inspections by division and beat 3 Inf Battalions to get a Battle Group on there next tour of Afghan. I've served twice with the Regiment over past 12 years and there just ooze style and profetionalism.
  6. Nice question, I would hope he knew, or are you hoping it isnt you?? :)
  7. Just like your spelling then!:)
  8. people in glass houses old chap ...............
  9. You build glass houses as well as roads?
  10. I'll think you'll find he means doll's houses!:)
  11. If nothing else, they have a smart uniform and an impressive name. Join them and you will probably be fighting top totty off with a stick. Hope that helps.
  12. Just been on a course with a chap from the RDG and he wasn't quite full of praise for them, but again thats one guy and its all a cyclic thing. However, if you want a properly smart uniform the come to the Royal Horse Guards and 1st Dragoons. We don't beat top totty off with sticks, we just make them join the back of the queue.
  13. Who is your dad? PM me. What stage in your recruitment are you?
  14. I seem to remember reading something about notes in boots with men's phone numbers in them or am i imagining things?
  15. Ah Schwartz Pferde ....... in ordnung